demonstrating against the Regime.

How often have seen footage of Syrian demonstrators
walking the streets in protest against the Regime ?
I think we were shown more than enough of it.

But what most of us did not pay attention to the fact

that many parents took their children out into those demonstrations.
Which is rather normal as it
happens , in many places and countries......

But according to the BBC + CNN + AlJazeera +  etc...etc...
there were constantly sniper-fire  and the Government-troupes
who were regularly  shelling those demonstrations..........unquote

My question now is ,
if and when the BBC+CNN+ AlJazeera
were correct, honest and un-bias,
how come those Syrian Parents
keep on sending their own children
out on the streets ???

Or , is it maybe possible that there are no snipers ???

Or , the BBC+CNN+AlJazeera have had  the wrong lenses
fitted to their cameras ??

Or, those snipers come only when the BBC+CNN+AlJazeera
are there ??

Raja Chemayel