Saturday, August 25, 2007

the Sudanese 100% cotton underwears

Driving in my car ,
I have had on my radio the news,
the BBC news , of Course...... ...

It was reported that Sudan were transporting weapons
in cases ,by airfreight , to the anti-Rebels of Darfur
in violation with agreements and rules of the UN....

Allegedly , Amnesty International has provided
those pictures.... taken 2 months ago.....anyhow.

I wondered how and who , could tell us what was inside those cases ???
it could have been also, 100% cotton under-wears
or bottles of anti-dandruff- shampoo.

My suspicious mind got its satisfaction when I got home
and I switched on my TV on the News of the BBC

and the CNN, as well .

They indeed , BBC + CNN , showed us 3 photographs
of two helicopters and one Cargo-military- plane.... .......
the first 2 photos showing the helicopters , did not have any cases

nor , even, any boxes on them.

The third photo with that Cargo-plane showed us some boxes
but no cases, which led me to concluded that if any weapons
were to be inside those closed boxes, it will have to be extremely "light-weapons"
or indeed it must be those 100% Cotton under-wears.

I attached this photo to this text , and would like to hear your opinion
on the integrity of the world-mass-media- news-manipulatio n
and the probability of the Sudanese 100% cotton-underwear- distributions.

One side is a liar !!! ............ this story.
although Sudan never mentioned any Air-Cargo-Operations
thus Sudan did not lie ....(yet)

Besides that ,
if you have any picture of any aeroplane
unloading any Cargo....... ...anywhere. .....anytime. ...and for any reason
let the BBC and the CNN have it ,
they might need it for the next false-accusations !!!

Sherlock Hommos
Investigator in the case of the cases which were only boxes.......
25th of August 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

the pro-and-anti-War-mouvements

Some Western-people are "anti-war" in Iraq
because those Hummer-vehicles
are simply not all armoured......
or not even air-conditioned

Some Western-people are " anti-war" in Iraq
because Marines get killed
or simply loose a leg....or two.

Some Western-people are "anti-war" in Iraq
because it has bad consequences on the Global-environment
and it affected also the Price of their fuel............

Some People are pro-war in Iraq
because it is good for US Hegemony ,
good for Israel
and good for splitting a strong Iraq
into smaller pieces

Some People are pro-war in Iraq
because the natural resources are no more
in the hands of the independent-nationalistic-Iraqis......
and the power has shifted from a modern-secular-party
into divided and feudal theocratic-dark-forces.

Some People in the US-Senate and the US-Congress
want now that war to stop , simply because :
They have run-out of lies !!

Raja Chemayel
24 August 2007