Saturday, June 14, 2008

The unequal equation

On the first side , there is one country possessing Nuclear Weapons
and on the other side, another country accused of trying to possess
some Nuclear weapons ,in the far future. .

The first wants to attack and bomb the second
just because this second is not Democratic ,
nor Christian nor Jewish and not even nuclear .

The Free-World also known as..... the Democratic one
is supporting the first country against the second
to the point that it might ask one of them to bomb the second
instead of the first doing itself.

This said ,
may I remind you that this first country
has occupied another since 60 years,
while the second has occupied nobody and nowhere ,
as far as I can remember, for the last 1500 years.

And if double-standards are not enough,
they decided to call the second country as a " rogue state"
and the first is called " the only Democracy in the Middle East" .

If and when the first shall bomb the second
it will the labelled :"Global-War on Terrorism"
but if you allow me , I shall rather call it
the " Global War of the Terrorists".

Because ,
when a bomb goes from West to East
it would be a crime ,
while when the Bomb comes from the East to the West
it would be also a crime .....
unless the West would have done something to deserve it !!
like raping Palestine or invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyhow ,
the judgement is left over for you
and would you not prefer ,
a Hysteria free World without the Hegemonic-Hypocrisy ???

Raja Chemayel
hysterically yours !!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The unlucky Working Class

an uncrowned King..

The working-class of Europe is not all-Muslim
(all) Muslims of Europe are working-class .

In the seventies we fought ,as students , for class-emancipation,
so we went out toward the Working-classes
and tried to emancipate them and to explain how unlucky they were .
Then later we got promoted and left our universities
when we became managers driving with 8 Cylinder Jaguar's

We forgot the Working-Class
and we flew Business-Class.
Three decades later,we woke up one morning to realise
that the Muslims of Europe became
the actual unlucky-working-class.
In the meantime Che was shot down
the Red-Square has now a Mac.Donald and a Pierre Cardin Shop
and uncle Mao is now only manufacturing digital toys.
The Koran replaced Communism,
Mohammad replaced Marx
the Mosques replaced the popular-committees
the Crescent replaced the Red-flag.
The ex-colonial powers became the employers
and the ex-colonised wait now for a salary .....gently,obediently,
at the end of each month.
Islam did not change ,neither did Christianity
but the Christian-coloniser ,now, became the Christian-employer.
A clash of religions ??..... not at all !!
but a separation of 2 religions due to the different social status.
If you are a Muslim, handsome and rich,
you are labelled as a dirty-play-boy.
If you are Christian, handsome and rich ,
you are simply a Play-boy .
Omar Charif became a Hollywood- king
but was never crowned.
Dodee el Fayed was engaged to a Royal- Princess
and it cost him his life.
One Director-General of the NASA
was a Muslim..... but nobody remembers his name .

Proletarians of the world,
hold on to your Koran !!
it worth any and all other books !!!

Raja Chemayel
a non-rich christian living in Europe
11Th of March 2008

NB :
Omar Charif is a christian (Arab)
but everybody thought that he were a Muslim person
and that is why he never got his crown , nor any Oscar !!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The one way ticket

A good friend of mine wrote to me recently :
" A pessimist is someone who once were an optimist "

I found it very credible and a very practical description of a pessimist.

That brought me to my own conclusion regarding Peace
and I would like to dare to say :
"Every Suicide Bomber was once a believer in Peace "

but I shall not say that because the humid-weather
in Guantanamo does not suit my asthmatic tendencies.
So I will pretend to say :
"In the absence of any hope of Peace at the Horizons
I shall take an Israeli- bus , with a one way ticket ."

And if the Interrogators later would ask me why
"one way ticket" and I shall say
" I shall use a Taxi on the way back "

Anyhow that good-friend has left the USA
and lives now in Canada
and I do not think that she did that because of the weather in Canada.

She probably also took a one way her own way .

I assume that she found out that the USA
was getting nearer to fascism, more than anything else.....
and that the corporate-power is taking over.

Anyhow , why should I care ??
My Netherlands has just won 3:0 from Italy
in Euro-footbal- competitions-Cup

Sherlock Hommos
counting Arab-defeats. ........ and Dutch-victories.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Any other suggestions ?? Please

The new expansion-plan of KFC

Mr. Nouri El Maliki the prime minister of the Green Zone
while visiting Iran today reassured his hosts that
" the US Bases in Iraq shall not be used against any neighbour... "

And I wounder what for else those bases
will be ,otherwise, used for ?????,.

1- early weather-warning systems ??
2- front line post against global-warming ??
3- test stations for gay-behaviour in a the desert ??
4- laboratories for idiocy-endurance and national-hysteria ??
5- stand-by stations to assist the victims of Hurricane Katherina ??

Any other suggestions ?? Please !!
any other ideas ?? perhaps .......

Maybe Mr. Nouri el Maliki would explain and count
the advantages of an American Invasion :
like Democracy and Freedom and Kentucky Fried Chicken.....

Sherlock Hommos
basically anti-bases !
8Th of June 2008