Monday, June 9, 2008

The one way ticket

A good friend of mine wrote to me recently :
" A pessimist is someone who once were an optimist "

I found it very credible and a very practical description of a pessimist.

That brought me to my own conclusion regarding Peace
and I would like to dare to say :
"Every Suicide Bomber was once a believer in Peace "

but I shall not say that because the humid-weather
in Guantanamo does not suit my asthmatic tendencies.
So I will pretend to say :
"In the absence of any hope of Peace at the Horizons
I shall take an Israeli- bus , with a one way ticket ."

And if the Interrogators later would ask me why
"one way ticket" and I shall say
" I shall use a Taxi on the way back "

Anyhow that good-friend has left the USA
and lives now in Canada
and I do not think that she did that because of the weather in Canada.

She probably also took a one way her own way .

I assume that she found out that the USA
was getting nearer to fascism, more than anything else.....
and that the corporate-power is taking over.

Anyhow , why should I care ??
My Netherlands has just won 3:0 from Italy
in Euro-footbal- competitions-Cup

Sherlock Hommos
counting Arab-defeats. ........ and Dutch-victories.

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