Friday, August 26, 2011

81 US Congressmen and women as Human Shield

 A  waist of time
a waist of democracy
When , 81 Members of the US-Congress
are visiting the State of Zion ,
how many are left over still working in Washington ??
Are they rehearsing for the funerals of Ariel Sharon ?
or they came just to watch the Wall.....??
Most probably ,
Israel shall use those 81 Congressmen
as a human-shield against any outbreak of any Truth  !!
Raja Chemayel

Sunday, August 21, 2011

who is lying today on August 21St. ???

a lake in the Alps
in Libya
it seems that the rebels may invade Tripoli
if we those Western Media´s
Funny. because previously that same Media´s
have told us that Qaddafi were about to invade Benghazi,
That is why the NATO came to rescue the civilians (and the oil-wells)
 Who will rescue the civilians of Tripoli ??
in Syria
The CNN showed us a Syrian cost-guard-vessel sailing
and told us that it were shelling the city of Latakia
and the same time they showed us Latakia with army tanks in its streets,,,,,,,,,,
First CNN never showed the boat actualy shelling.anything (just sailing only)
and secondly. if ever it would have shelled.anyone
 it it would have hit those same army tanks........!!!
in Occupied Palestine
Nethaniahu reinvented that Terrorism-just-on-time
to get all the protesters in Tel Aviv go back home
and to sleep in shelters ............and to obey him,
in the Bavarian Alps
it is 30 degrees .sunny . the lakes are blue.
and I am swimming with my son,
At least ,myself,
did not lie to you, today !!!!
Raja Chemayel
in Bavaria