Saturday, May 14, 2011

Democracy and the Syrian choice...........
Zenobia ,
who said No !!
 is the symbol for Syria

In Syria , it is unlike in Egypt, or in Tunis,
the Army will not support the uprising
because the Army in Syria the Syrian-Regime  !! itself.

You may compare Syria to Algeria
and to the role of the Algerian army........

And being in a "state-of-war" ,
this makes the Syrian-Army
as being itself, the people-of-Syria.

Last and not least :
You do not destroy your last remaining " shield "
just because it is not democratic !!!

Syria without its Army,
is a Syria with its pants down !!!

While , Syria is surrounded by the rebel-Lebanon
and the Giant-Turkey and the troubled-Iraq
and the traitorous-Jordan and the Zionist-Israel

How can you expect Syria to "change "
with such neighbours.....??  !!

Change Israel first !!
Close first Israel´s Embassies
in Amman and Cairo and Doha

and Casablanca and Oman and Tunis !!!

Raja Chemayel

Friday, May 13, 2011

The nearest I ever got to Ussama Bin Laden
Jubail , in Saudi Arabia
a huge industrial city out of nowhere !!

How often you have found an old Puzzle game
in which many pieces were missing  ??

And , also, sometimes even the final- picture is also missing ,
whereas you cannot know and  reconstitute the original picture........???

It is a challenge to put back all the pieces together
not also knowing  how many pieces they were ,
nor knowing what they originally-represented.......???

The same happened to me when I was trying
to put back together the myth of Ousama Ben Laden.....

Was he ,    or was he not ??
did he do it ,   or he did it not !!!

Anyhow my Ben Laden-puzzle-picture
could not have been completed , for different obvious facts............

But the worst is his death , now ,
which equals,  for me,  at least
to  his official and total disappearance

The nearest I ever got to Oussama Ben Laden
was in 1999,  when I sold heavy-construction-equipmentsto one of his (46) half-brothers in the city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia....
Mr. Ben Laden  paid all his bills ,on time ...... and was extremely polite  !!!

So  now, I close my case with that enigma
in which only the CIA has all the pieces of that Puzzel.

Raja Chemayel
true story and a false-incomplete-puzzle

The real "Reality-show"

Arabs ,
watching Palestine

Can you name the only country practising ethnic-cleansing
live- on Televisions news , and on daily basis  ?? .
(Like any reality-show on the TV )
And which is very often verbally-blamed......... but never punished !!
nor ever boycotted nor ever sanctioned  !!!

That same country is the recipient of
the biggest USA help and subsidies,
more than the whole of the rest of the (poor) world......alltogether

Besides all that,  this country claims to be
the only democratic-country in its neighbourhood
and to be,  the light-tower of freedoms.

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

prejudices vs statistics

Did you know that in Australia
there are more camels
than in Saudi Arabia
plus Kuwait , plus Bahrain , plus Qatar ,
plus UAE and also plus Yemen......alltogether
Did you know that in the USA
there are more desert areas (land)
than in Saudi Arabia
plus Kuwait , plus Bahrain , plus Qatar ,
plus UAE and also plus Yemen.......alltogether.
Did you know that in the USA
there are more Jews
than in the whole of  the state of Israel.......
Did you know that in Egypt
you find more Christians
than in the whole of Switzerland.....
Did you know that the Lebanese-Armenians
have more money (capital)
than all the Armenians in   Armenia ......
Raja Chemayel

Monday, May 9, 2011

The first victim in any the Truth.

If there are no Hero's
people will invent one.

if there are no victims,neither,
the people will invent one , too
Neda , in Tehran ,
unknown, irrelevant but good looking.
Shot dead in a side-street far from the main demonstrations
and "accidentally" an amateur photographer was in the direct vicinity.
And a doctor present at the scene , who "accidentally",
the next day, flew over to London
to "accidently" show us ,,,,,,,,,this film.

Eman ,in Tripoli, 
good-looking, raped by the security-officers
but interviewed by CNN where she praised Saif El Islam Qaddafi
for caring about

in the meantime,
we are still searching for:
The Weapons of Saddam
The Pilots of 911The Nuclear-Bomb of AhmadiNejad
The hide-out of Ben Laden
The killers of Hariri
The Mercenaries of Qaddafi
Elvis Presley............ alive !!!

in the meantime,also
I am expecting any day ,
some "poor innocent victim"
probably young and good-looking too
but.......this Syria !!!
(mark my word !)
Raja Chemayel