Saturday, March 19, 2011

NO FLY..................NO LIE

Libyan Airforce.........
Colonel Qaddafi is now forbidden to use his planes
as if his armies , alone , were not enough power
to win from the insurgency  !!
Besides that,
 I did not see until now
any of the alleged mercenaries on his side
nor did I see any alleged Al Qua' eeda fighters
on the side of the people.
Therefore in addition to the No Fly Zone
there must be also a No Lie Zone
Sherlock Hommos
I lie only to my wife but I fly with everyone !!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A poem to my son , to Libya and to Japan

Power must drawn...............
A nuclear plant in Japan and a Libyan Colonel
both are today damaged by nature,itself .
Both became the victim of the weight of their own power.
Both have served their people
until the day when their power became uncontrollable
because power corrupts.,,,,,,,and nature has the last word!
At this moment the colonel and that nuclear-plant
could burn themselves
and simultaneously harm their ownpeople.
The same people who were to being served , by them.
Power is ugly when it is not controllable.
and when not accountable .
If the people shall win ,
they will create the next tyrant
and or build another nuclear-plant
and if the Tyrant wins or if the plant fails,
their will be no more people to serve.
Raja Chemayel
on the birthday of my son
to whom I offer those lines..................

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is there anything wrong with my ears ????

 a hearing-aid in World War One.
When Iraq invaded Kuwait, 19 years ago,
the Western-world shouted :
Catastrophe !!!
When Saudi Arabia , today ,invades
the tiny island of Bahrain :
I hear nothing !!!
Is there anything wrong with my ears  ??

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Wahhabis have crossed the bridge!!

I lived in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
from 1997 until 2000
where the Bahrain-Causeway starts towards Bahrain.

We used to drive weekends to stay in Bahrain
to do everything which was forbidden to do in Saudi Arabia.

It is only a 25 kilometers bridge that takes you between

My friends and I ,  who often used this bridge were always arguing
on the question or on the purpose of that Causeway (Bridge)??

Once , one of us simply said :
This  is a bridge that connects puritanism with alcoholism.

We never agreed on one definition,
and I could not define precisely the goal and the purpose
of that huge architectural achievement.

Until Yesterday ,
when I saw the Saudi (Private) army
crossing that bridge to help to fight against democracy,
I finally found the answer to my 20 years old question:

Any King would always help another King
Especially, when the "enemy "is the people!!

The absolute-monarchy comes always to rescue
the non-constitutional-monarchy !!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The choice between two evils

A divided nation
local-tyranny and a foreign-dependence
There is now a great danger that Colonel Qaddafi
might still win militarily.
After all , the people have no experience with their weapons
which are older and inferior to the regular army's.
What then ???
What's next ???
Would we see a new-Mussolini crossing over from Sicily
or the post-Hitler-Luftwaffe shall do the carpet-bombing ??
What is next ??
Who is next ??
When (or if ) the Western interests shall again converge
with the Qaddafi-dynasty-tactics.......
who will then support the Libyan people ??
"Democracy is precious ,
therefore one should not give it to the people"
said once W.Churchill.
The Arab League of State has allowed (or suggested)
a NO FLY restrictions which shall be taken over by the Western-powers
as soon as,  the people of Libya are totally massacred .
The fact is that the people's will
is anyhow the ultimate authority and ultimate legislator
but , it also seems that all the devils want to deny it .
Raja Chemayel
I repeat ,
that I support the people of Libya against Colonel Qaddafi
whom I shall also support  ,later , if and when foreigner-powers
might attack him or Libya.