Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An American film......
Life is but a film
(be sure to get the right role !!)

From Rafik el Hariri´s assassination,(14th Feb. 2005)
up to this Syrian-Spring, (14th Feb. 2012)
it is one and the same long "American-film".

The same actors, same producers and the same Script.

The Camera-man thinks that all we are blind
and the sound-engineer does not want us to hear everything.

The Oscar is granted even before the film finishes
and the critics are paid by the producers, themselves.

This film is called :
" Gone with the Democracy "
in which, the heroes are either hanged, or exiled,
or hospitalised , or lynched to death.

Originally this film was called "Gone with the wind"
but this wind became a hurricane and later even a tsunami.

Winds,hurricanes and tsunami cannot be held accountable
therefore this so called "Democracy"  shall have , some day,
to answer for its crimes.

After the Crusaders , came now the Democratisers  !!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Democracy is coming to Syria !!
The one on the right , became a democracy-champion !

The Turkish Military-Junta
The Prince of Qatar
Al Kaeeda
The Royals of Ibn Saud
The NATO ( on behalf of the Mossad)
Hillary Clinton ( on behalf of the CIA)
The Muslim Brotherhood
The Salafis
The Lebanese-(fascists)-Forces
Abdul-Halim al Khaddaam (exiled-Syrian-ex-vice-president)
Dr. Rifaat Al Assad (exiled-uncle of the same president)
all ,want to install "democracy"  in Syria....
and we are supposed to believe it !!