Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Criminal-Organisation

Three decades ago,
the United Nation General Assembly
has declared that :
"Zionism is (a form of) racism"

10 Years later , George (Papa) Bush
managed to have this resolution revoked
and made as invalid.
Which tells us a lot how the UN does function
and what-for it was ever created....

Never mind my opinion on the UN
I cannot beat George Bush
nor beat his son......

But what if ,
three or four good-International-lawyers
get their minds together and file a case
at the International Criminal Court , in The Hague
to declare ( to rule) that :
"Zionism is a criminal-Organisation "
(or a Criminal-Ideology)

This case is easy , logic and much evident :
Since the birth of Zionism until today ,
it has done nothing legal , nothing human,
nothing righteous and nothing to promote any peace.

Its intentions were ,from the start, wrong
and its deeds are ,continually worse !!

Six wars in 60 years and the disappearance of Palestine
and the undeniable misery for 7 million Palestinians. .
One million hostages, three million occupied
and 4 million exiles souls.

If we succeed , it will then be unlawful to become
a member of such criminal-organisati on ,
like it is the case in many other existing organised-crimes. .

Raja Chemayel
sixth of September 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

The closer you get to Israel.......

Libya is no more considered as a
whatever this might mean......

And against a payment of 5 Billion Dollars
Italy is not more considered as a brutal-ex-colonial- state .

And for 23 million Dollars the Lockerbie-plane ,never felt down.

And for 6,5 million Dollars nobody bombed that Discotheque in Germany...

Iraq and President Saddam were never accused of
"Sponsoring Terrorism" anywhere and at anytime
more over , Iraq was never accused of colonialism. .....
nor of bombing any discotheques.

So why they hanged President Saddam Hussein
instead of Colonel Qaddafi ??
(or eventually instead of Mr. Ossama BenLaden ?? )

Is it because Iraq is closer to Israel ,
than Libya is.....???

Besides all that ,
the West is proving itself to be , as usual, hypocritical
and undeniably-dishones t .
They even apply double-standards to their own dishonesty.

It seems that :
" with Oil......... you can wash all your sins ! "

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Vice....and the President

with such a vice.......who still needs a President ??

Many anti-imperialist, many progressives persons
many anti-capitalist and anti-US-hegemony
all of them wanted in the past to :
f... the US President !

But the times have changed now
and they should review their previous intentions
(or rather review their pretencion's)
because in case John Mac Cain might win this election
they would be much better off if they :
f... the vice-president !!.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
anti-imperialist , and anti-anything in her case !!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

History never sleeps !!!

Drawing by Ben Heine

Hurricane Gustav has replaced Hurricane Catherina
Mac.Cain shall replace Bush
Abbas replaced Arafat
History repeats itself

Olmert replaced Sharon
Sharon replaced the Devil
The Devil was elected twice
History repeats itself

Gaza replaced the Warsaw Ghetto
the Warsaw-Ghetto replaced the Pogroms
The Pogroms replaced Ramses II
History repeats itself.

Hamas replaced the PLO
the PLO replaced Nasserism
Nasserism replaced Voltaire
History repeats itself

The Mujaheddin displaced the Soviets
The Taliban replaced the Mujaheddin
Al Qua'eeda replaced the Taliban
The Taliban shall displace the NATO
History never sleeps !!!

Terrorists replaced the revolutionaries
Zionism replaced colonialism
NATO replaced democracies
democracies replaced expansionism
History never sleep !!!

Raja Chemayel
replacing Sherlock Hommos
03 September 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Orleans....revisited

New Orleans is being re-evacuated
George Bush might come and revisit

Baghdad is also practically evacuatedand deserted ,
and bombed and occupied
George Bush might come and revisit

I suggest that next year ,
all the US-helpintended for the State of Israel ,
would be redirected to the State of Louisiana .

After all New Orleans is a city in the USA
and not in that Promised-Land !!!

By the way ,the Israeli-Settler
who occupied Gaza for 37 years , for free,
have been compensated for moving out......
when some of the New Orleans victims ,
still did not !!

Raja Chemayel
31st of August 2008