Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do not ask !!!!

the Polish-Jew-Zionist- Israeli

Do not ask any Israeli for Peace
it shall make him give back, his loot :
the Stolen Land.

Do not ask any Zionist for the Truth
it will make him loose his whole Ideology :
The State of Israel on that Stolen Land.

Do not ask Judaism about Jesus of Nazareth
it will make it loose its presumed-innocence.

Do not ask Washington about Democracy
it will never unveil what it is hiding behind it.

Do not ask Arab leaders about Democracy
they never wanted it , even in the first place.

Raja Chemayel
literally illiterate
Sabath the 19Th of July 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday uncle Nerlson !!

The Terrorist I love....

Happy Birthday uncle Nelson !!

may you live another 90 years.
They called you the last decade
President and National-Hero

But during a quarter of a century,
before that,
they used to call you a "Terrorist"

Happy Birthday uncle Nelson !!
for me ,you always remain a Terrorist
and that is why I loved you !!!
and I still do.

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Moustafa Roosenbloom

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Christian-Zionists and a Muslim Prophet called , Jesus

The rape of Jerusalem

The West,
the Occident,
the Free World,
the Western-democracies,
Dass AbendLand,
El Gharb........

has always blamed Islam for recognising
Jesus of Nazareth as being a Prophet
or rather , for being "only-as-a-prophet".

While ignoring,on the other side,
that Judaism does not even recognise Jesus,
more than being a charlatan or as an impostor,
regardless even to once crucifying him......or not.

And now ,
recently, we have a new phenomena
called : " Christian-Zionists"
who do not know know that on the day
when the Crusaders have reached Jerusalem,
it has had more open churches than
Lisbon or Berlin.....
neither do they know that when the first
Muslim who entered Jerusalem , 300 years earlier,
he was invited to pray inside the Holy Church
by the Bishop of Jerusalem , himself,
who gave him ,voluntarily ,the keys of the Holy City ??!!
(keys,which are still in pocession of a Muslem-Palestinian- family)

It is advisable for my brothers ,all the Christians,
to forbid to the Christian-Zionists , to call themselves:
"Zionists" alone will suffice !!
and would be more accurate and honest.

Raja Chemayel
a christian so close to Islam.....and to the Truth.
16Th of July 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guess who was at that Parade ??

only the uniforms , differ...... .!!

Some French-politicians have expressed their dismay
and objection about the presence of President al Assad
in Paris recently during the Conference and the Parade of 14Th July.

I must accept their opinion,
first because of Freedom of opinions
and secondly , because I am not the owner of Paris.

But I wounder if those human-rights- activists
would have looked closely at the Presidential Tribune.
to see that President Assad was not the only "dictator" attending.

He was the youngest one ,
thus others would have done more
naughty things in their lives
..........n' est ce pas ?? mon cher ami.

But there was also a chosen-Tyrant
(or the chosen- human-rights- abuser)
and he was not disturbing those same
French-democracy- lovers.
Not only he was the chosen-guest. ....
he was the holder of
the longest wall
the longest siege
the longest ethnic-cleansing
the longest expansion
the longest aggression
and longest occupation.

Funny !!
how could they have missed noticing him ???
were all, human-rights- activists, so short-sighted ??
or simply one-side-short-sighted ??

Sherlock Hommos
observateur des observations obscenes
observer of the obscene observations

17 July 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama's West-Bank-Story

the repentant American.... ..

Candidate Obama will visit
the "Only Occupier in the Middle East"
and that is nothing new......
each US-Senator gets a free-holidays there ,
courtesy of the Holocaust-survivors from Wall-Street.

What is new is that Obama has planned
to visit the West-Bank,as well,
which is most disturbing for any fact-finding- visit
because the West Bank is the real face of Israel
(which explains why they build that wall.....)
in other words :
discrimination , a Wall , apartheid ,land-grabbing,
illegal settlements and occupation
not to forget the 603 check-points
between 247 dried-water- wells.

It happened once to Jimmy Carter,
who visited the West Bank ,
and look what happened to him !!
Carter became an honest US politician.! !

Like Saul who went to Damascus and became Paul !!
he became an honest Jew, or otherwise known as a christian.
And who knows ??,
Obama might return to his Muslim roots, even.

But we should not worry about Obama......
first he must get to become the President
then he should make a war or two
and then to retire...... ....... and only then
he may become an honest person,
and write a book :
" Palestine , Peace not Apartheid, Part II"

Anyhow arrangements are being met
and his Israeli-body- guards shall blindfold him
until he reaches the Air-conditioned- offices
of Mahmoud Abbas , at which point in time the electricity
in Ramallah shall be switched on , temporally of course.

The humiliating and unnecessary check-points
will be camouflaged as Toll-stations.

Stay tuned ......!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
West-Bank-Camouflag e-Committee- Coordinator

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mugabe or Mubarak

and its
Hippopotamus. ..

Mugabe and Mubarak
neither has ever lost any election yet
but one is definitively better than the other.

Mugabe and Mubarak
one has liberated his country
the other has re-enslaved it to the West.

Mugabe and Mubarak
one fought ,liberated and won
and the other got his job only because
he was, accidentally. the vice-president
when the traitor-president got shot.

Mugabe and Mubarak
the first kicks the same spot
of the neo-colonialists,
which the second kisses,

Mugabe and Mubarak,
one is hated by the West
and the other
is sponsored by the West.

Make your choice !!

Raja Chemayel
I have always chosen Gamal Abdel Nasser.
13. July 2008