Saturday, May 29, 2010

Omelet recepe´s
You cannot make an omelet
without , first ,breaking the eggs !!

The Jewish-omelet :
first ,you borough 3 eggs,
at a very-low-lending- interest- rate
and then......

The Israel -omelet :
first you steal 3 Palestinian eggs
and say that the UN allowed it,
and then......

The British-omelet :
first ,you promise 3 Palestinian eggs
to the European Jews
and then.......

The USA -omelet :
first ,you steal 3 Iraqi eggs,
and then ,let Kuwait + Saudi pay for them
and you  give them all to Israel
and call it The Democracy-omelet

Lebanese-omelet :
first,  you take a chicken as a partner
later it gives you the 3 eggs for free
and then you pay back to the chicken  23%
of the omelet price,
you have just sold to the Saudis.

Italian-omelet :
no need for any recipe
just go and see your Mama !!

Gaza-omelet :
first you finish building your Tunnel...
and then.....
you look for a lost chikken in Sinai

Sherlock Hommos

Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Burqa to the Bikini .....
The 2010 Miss USA
is a Lebanese-born- Lady
The 2010 Miss France
is a Syrian-born Lady.

Therefore ,
the prejudices and the cliches, about Arab-women
must all fall down....

Arab women !!
Take away the Burqa and put on a Bikini
and then you might conquer the world !!

But please do not exagerate much, my Dear Sisters !!

And do not go as far as President Husny Moubrarak ,once did.
Husny has had to take off his Burqa
and then afterward ,he also took off his Bikini......
in order to win the harts  of  the White-house
and the Elysee Palace , too.

Keep cool
and do not forget your roots !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
member of the Jury.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

" 911 " Part Two.
This is the biggest " CORPUS-DELICTI "
I have ever seen !!

Oops !!

North Korea has sunk a South Korean military vessel
Why would it do that ??

This amounts to a declaration of war
to an area that has not known anything else
than wars and-or cease-fires !!!

Why would North Korea torpedo
a South Korean Navy ship ???

My suspicious-mind tells me 

that the North-Koreans (who are no angels) 
are being sucked into a conflict
whereas the outcome would be a war.....inevitably.

A script-book  for  a  " 911"  Part Two "

North Korea is not accused 

of the Weapons of Mass Destruction
simply because..... ... it does have them.
N-Korea..... is not Iraq !!

Secondly the theatre of operations shall be
conveniently ,far from the USA and Europe......
at the door-steps of China
which shall collect all the dusts,
including any nuclear-dust , eventually.

I smell a rat !!
and this time it is a " black-rat " !!
( the white-trash- rat is no more )

911 worked out very well far
because ,Palestine is forgotten,
Iraq is completely ruined and crippled
Afghanistan is sent 2 century,backwards
and it offers a launching-pad towards Iran
while , Israel is standing sovereign.

Sherlock  Hommos
Investigator, adding one plus one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The taylor-made-laws regulating our memories.
The victims of the Holocaust
the perpetrators of the Nakba !!

It is getting so near to the absurd:

In Israel it is forbidden by a tailor-made- law,
to deny or to doubt the Holocaust
Equally it is forbidden by, another-tailor- made-law
to commemorate the Nakba.

In other words :
only the "Law" allows you to deny anything
only the "law" tells you what to remember , or not to !!

In many other countries it is also forbidden to deny the Holocaust
but ,they have not yet decided whether to forbid any memories.... .
or commemoration of the Nakba ..

I do not deny the Holocaust
I only doubt about its size.....
and its real-motivations.

Therefore I hope that next year ,  the Law-makers
shall not "forbid us to doubt any sizes or motivations" .......of anything .
The Holocaust lasted 4 years
and has already ended 65 years ago.....
while ,
the Nakba started 62 years ago
and is still on-going !!

Raja Chemayel
not doubting the size of this absurdity.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Behind the trees of Gaza
Which civilians... ....... are from Hamas ??
and which ones are not ??

The Zionist-Media,
is repeatedly accusing Hamas
" of having hidden behind the civilians"

Well ,
Gaza has 1,5 Million civilians

and Gaza is the world´s most densely populated,
so where should, or could, or must
Hamas go and hide behind ???

You could ask Hamas to hide ,for example,
behind the trees....of Gaza.

Yes ,but
the Israeli-army has cut down
most of those trees....

and the trees left over , are not getting any
of the needed water , to grow bigger.

you will understand why the Zionists
have had to kill those civilians:

"only so that the Zionists could reach Hamas" !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenblomm
attorney for the I.D.F.
(Indiscriminately Devastating Forces)