Friday, May 20, 2011

How does the world stand on the 20th of May 2011 ??

In Saudi Arabia there is no parliament
but in the USA you can buy one or two

In Syria there is no democracy
but in the USA  it is for sale.

In Lebanon there is democracy
but nobody is  democrat..

In the USA the Democrats
sell and buy democracy.

In the Netherlands the neo-fascists
entered to the parliament

just to warn us about
the alledged  "non-democratic-Islam"

In Egypt the tyrant-dictator is deposed
but is now being replaced  by men-in-uniform.

My wife forbids me to use her kitchen
but she may use  my car.

Ben Laden died three times
before he was finally  drawned.

63 years after stealing 70% of Palestine
the remaining part is being suffocated.

on the 20th. of May 2011
"one day before tomorow"

Monday, May 16, 2011

The faceless Terrorist
The faceless, fearless
and  conscienceless

It has a pilot
but its pilot does not fly

It has a mission
but has no goal

It has a purpose
but no target

It flies anywhere
and kills anyone

it was designed by a Swiss who spoke Italian
it was build by an Italian working in a Belgium factory
a Dutchman sold it to a Spanish working for the king of Morocco
its engine is Japanese while the wings were fabricated in China
the weaponry are Koreans  and the missiles are Israeli.

Its victim is faceless and its commander has no face.

It was meant for the braves who do not dare
and for the politicians who do not care

It is a drone
which has no eyes and no conscience
it is blind for the truth and does not see its victims

It is a drone
it defends the mighty from the powerless
it keeps the rich richer and makes the poor dissapear

It is a drone
it needs no courage , nor feelings , nor guilt
it flies, kills and come back.....spotless

It  is a drone
the faceless terrorist  !!

The Swiss-Water-Proof-Watch of Ussama
The watch on the right hand........means.........
Ussama is left-handed
The watch on the left-hand.........means.....
Ussama is  right -handed

My question remains whether or not , 
Ussama Ben Ladin was wearing his water-proof-watch 
when he was "thrown into the Sea " ??
and if he were wearing this watch ,
was it on his right hand ??  or on his left hand ??

Why I ask ?........... you may ask .

Because the last 10 years
I noticed  many contradictory pictures and or video films ,
 in which Ussama was sometimes left-handed
and others not........

But anyhow , do not worry !!
because I am sure that Ussama must have had a water-proof-Swiss-watch
when they throwed him in the sea, so it will survive .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenblom
I wonder what kind of Watch,  has the Colonel in Libya

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The opposit of the opposition
the symbol for
the Arab-oppositions and their Arab-rulers

When you are active within
an opposition to a dictatorship,
this alone,
does not make you a "democrat ".

I know some dictators who would love
to replace another dictator,
while they call themselves:
 " democratic-opposition "

I know also,
some dictators who are in an opposition
to a fairly-democratic-regime.

Like the killers of Salvador Allende
who called themselves :
"guardians of the democracy"

What ever you are,
you must be better
than your opponents.

I see no better Qaddafi
within his opposition !!
Ask the ANC+Sahrawees
 who has helped them
during their long struggle.

I see no better Assad
within his opposition  !!
Ask Hamas + Hezbollah
who has helped them ??

Raja Chemayel


The perpetual Nakba
The "Jews"  took the trains,
towards their Holocaust
the Palestinians............just  simply walked !!

is an arabic word to say :
Tragedy  or rather , Catastrophe

No wonder when..... in 1948 ,
half a Million Europeans disembarked in Palestine
then kicked-out 700.000 indigenous-Palestinians
and declared their non-natural, non-historical
and  artificial state of Israel......

What else could you call it ??? ,  but.........  Catastrophe !! NAKBA !!

Ever since  1948 we have had ,
misery,exile, ethnic-cleansing,demolitions,expurgations,
deportations,expansion, confiscations,massacres,bulldozing,
starvation's,imprisonments, care-few,walls, check-points
and (only) six wars !!!

The worst , in my view,
were the peace-negotiations
who were as "efficient" as :
an Aspirin given to.............a Hart-Cancer-patient
while , , , , , , ,
the doctor (Israel) cashed the fees (the rewards)
of a hart-cancer-surgery-operations......

Those 63 years of Peace-negotiations....
were our second and worst NAKBA  !!

Fuck the Peace !!.......give us, first, justice !!

The peace-of-Israel ,
is the perpetual-catastrophe-for-Palestine

while Justice-for-Palestine , 
will be the Peace-in-the Near-East !!

Raja Chemayel
63 years later and still nowhere  !!