Thursday, December 27, 2007

The unhealthy health insurances

Drawing by : Ben Heine

The number of uninsured-US-citizens ( for health)
is the double of the number of the whole-Iraqi-population.

The cost of this Iraqi war ,
which have turned Iraq worse off , to say the least.......
this cost could have covered the basic-health- insurance
of those uninsured-US- Citizens, for the next 14,5 years.

Besides that ,
2 million Iraqi would have not been exiled and refugees
half a million would not have been wounded
and 150 thousands Iraqis would have survived.
And from the aggressor's side ,
4.000 thousands dead
105 thousand injured..... ..and disabled.

Next time The USA wants to liberate any other "Iraq"
it should remember that in President Saddam's times ,
all Iraqi citizens have had a free-health- insurance ,
and free education too .

On the other side ,
3,5 Million US-citizens are homeless in their own homeland
3,5 Million Palestinians are homeless outside their Homeland

Palestinians are not homeless because of the homeless US-citizens
but the US tax payers are building those homes for Israels
rather than homes for US-citizens at home.
And......... Palestinians became homeless because of Israelis are building
settlements with US-money......on Palestinian land.

Vote for Ron Paul .....!!
he wants to stop financial aid to Israel
he wants to recall all US soldiers worldwide.
a double dream !!!! .......probably he is not even an American !!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
statistical annalist

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa delayed.......

M e r r y
Christmas !!

This year, Santa will be much delayed
not only because of that ugly WALL.....
but mainly because
of those 632 Israeli-Check- Points
and 332.887 armed-Settlers

Besides that, Santa
is suspected now of having much sympathies
with oppressed-children
and their even more oppressed-parents, too.

Santa is being much politicised
and he is also growing a beard,
resembling to..... (you know who )

I am sure there is one bed free
for Santa, but in Guantanamo Bay Resort,
because that Inn in Bethlehem
has no water nor electricity
since Hamas took over
the new-hotel-managemen t.

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tony Blair converts to Catholicism

Some "good news" for some, are "bad news"...... for others
and to loose a bad-thing is not a lost............but a gain .

Today the Anglican Church has won in the lost of Tony Blair
and the Catholic Church has lost in admitting someone like Tony.

But , who am I to judge ??

At least being a Catholic Tony would now have to confess ,
as each good Catholic does.......regularly
but then and again....... ....who needs the confession of any liar ??

Eng. Mousfata Roosenbloom

PS :
Eventually , and for the sake of honesty ,
or rather for the sake of his political-honesty,
Tony Blair could convert into Judaism instead of Catholicism
if only Judaism would have anything to do with the Zionism ,
but it does not !! anyhow.