Friday, November 27, 2009

For the sake of satyrical statistics.....

At face value, it looks that in Fort Hood
someone has shot 13 soldiers
they could go to Afghanistan.

At first look ,
we see that it were an American Citizen
who did it  , and who happens to be a Muslim American.

This is a tragedy , I admit.

But to each tragedy comes , also, sometimes a good side
something positive out of a catastrophe.

I shall explain :

The statistics show that a certain percentage of the soldiers
in action abroad gets wounded or gets killed,
Those 13 dead and 18 wounded would never enter into that equation.

But another equation must be taken into consideration
whereas ,  the statistics show us that for each
Western-soldier present in Afghanistan
we find around 6,78% of dead Afghans
and 23,73% of wounded Afghans .
( not to mention the bombing of the Weddings)

In other words ,
and for the sake of Satyrical-Human- Statistics
we shall notice that :
88 Afghans have had their lifes saved now
and 427 Afghans shall not get wounded .
( and probably one more wedding shall survive, too )

Who ever did that shooting in Fort Hood
has also managed to have (13+18 = 31) US Soldiers
not ending as War Criminals, in the service of neo-imperialism .

So bad news , sometimes , may have also a positive side .

Sherlock Hommos

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some corrections to current terminologies

Building the settlements in Palestine
is purely land-expansion

Occupying Palestine
is purely land-robbery (Colonialism)

Building that Wall in Palestine
is purely a (physical) Segregation

Zionism in Palestine
is purely an imported-Racism

The State of Israel
is purely an Ashkenazim-colony

The Peace efforts
is purely a time-winning- manoeuvre.

The only-democracy in the Middle-East
the only immune state in the Middle East .

Sherlock Hommos
Anti-hypocrisy- agent.

Short Message

The Iraq war inquiry gets und<span id=

The UK
has started an official Inquiry
the War in Iraq.

All  six

of that inquiry-panel

are appointed by Downing-Street.

............ .....end of the message.

I  also, 
shall appoint six of my own fans

to evaluate my sarcasm in this message .
raja chemayel

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran.

Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran
the whole world shall complain
the UN shall condemn it
the USA shall ask for explanations
but......... Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Husny Mubarak shall blame the Algerian footballers
the Saudi King shall dance until midnight
Sarkozy shall sell Iran the new radars
Russia shall update its own scrab
But Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Qatar shall send medical help
Dubai shall offer free skying holidays
Syria shall make an alliance with Turkey
and then Turkey shall lead the Muslim world.

Hezbollah shall bomb Haifa and Yaffa
Israel shall bomb Beirut,while avoiding
the palace of Harriri and the villa of the Gemayel´s
and Israel shall invoke the Holocaust , again.

France and Russia shall rebuild the Nuke´s of Iran
with a whole-sale-discount of 15%
Gaza shall reroute its tunnels directly to  Algeria
Abbas shall get a new air-conditioned- Mercedes
as for Israel , it will again invoke the Holocaust,
Ann Frank and the Shoa.....

Bernard Madoff shall get amnesty
and then share a Nobel Prize with Nathaniahu
Hilary shall have a face-lift paid by AIPAC
and Obama shall become as white as Michael Jackson
while Israel,
it shall invoke the Holocaust, again.

Sherlock Hommos

24 Nov.2009

Monday, November 23, 2009


"The chosen people"
was a temporary adjective for one people 
with a specific and temporary-job.

"The Land of the promises"
was also a temporary description of a Land
in which the promises have had to be fulfilled.

"God's promise"
the coming of Jesus,the Messiah,
but not the Land of Canaan,itself.

"The Israelites"
one or more tribes who lived in Palestine
during the Biblical-period .
Today,no more identifiable because of several
and logical religious convergences

"The today's Jews being the same  chosen people"
a pure case of mistaken-identity
or more precisely,  a case of criminal-impostors .
The roots of today´s Israelis are in Europe
and no way in the Middle East !!

"Israeli-citizens claiming to be the Israelites"
a farce..... and a genetic impossibility.
a case of false indentity

a national identification relating to anyone
of any different religion,  who lives naturally in Palestine .
or born from Palestinian parents, in exile .
Jesus as example !!

"South African white-settler"
Is a Zionist who is not a Jew
nor did he choose to rob Palestine.

"A Zionist "
a classical-coloniali st ,but who happens to be a Jew
and who has the obcession to rob , exclusively, Palestine .

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saint Hassan
Three Saints...... .!!
one italian , and two lebanese.

In his last speech, El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
has launched a frontal and total attack on Drugs
and on Drugs -trafficking. ......... .......
He even went further to explain that:
"Selling Drugs , even to an enemy  ,is unlawful,
immoral and it is forbidden by Islam.".....unquote

In other own words :
Selling Drugs ,even to the Israelis,  is a sin.......unqute

I stop here ,
and make no further comments,
but I ask you to compare this most recent declaration
which is an explanation ( a FATWA ) compared with ,
those Rabbis living the settlements declaring that :
killing or expelling all the indigenous- Arabs ,  is not a (jewish) sin !!

The irony of it all that ,
is that the whole Western-world, including those Rabbis ,
call El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a  "Terrorist"
instead of calling him  " Saint Hassan "

Raja Chemayel