Monday, November 23, 2009


"The chosen people"
was a temporary adjective for one people 
with a specific and temporary-job.

"The Land of the promises"
was also a temporary description of a Land
in which the promises have had to be fulfilled.

"God's promise"
the coming of Jesus,the Messiah,
but not the Land of Canaan,itself.

"The Israelites"
one or more tribes who lived in Palestine
during the Biblical-period .
Today,no more identifiable because of several
and logical religious convergences

"The today's Jews being the same  chosen people"
a pure case of mistaken-identity
or more precisely,  a case of criminal-impostors .
The roots of today´s Israelis are in Europe
and no way in the Middle East !!

"Israeli-citizens claiming to be the Israelites"
a farce..... and a genetic impossibility.
a case of false indentity

a national identification relating to anyone
of any different religion,  who lives naturally in Palestine .
or born from Palestinian parents, in exile .
Jesus as example !!

"South African white-settler"
Is a Zionist who is not a Jew
nor did he choose to rob Palestine.

"A Zionist "
a classical-coloniali st ,but who happens to be a Jew
and who has the obcession to rob , exclusively, Palestine .

Sherlock Hommos

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