Friday, May 15, 2009

61 years of delayed Justice

Delayed-Justice is injustice.
the Palestinians-rights
are still nowhere in sight.

Double-punishment is also injustice.
Palestinians are robbed, occupied ,
exiled ,starved ,denied,ignored
demonised and deprived.

The Peace-camp :
is a hypocrite-conspiracy
that wants to white-wash a crime
called the State of Zion.
it is also a legal-tactic-manoeuvre
to grant an amnesty to a robbery
called The State of Israel.

Peace comes after Israel.
not with Israel !!
nor for Israel !!
nor in spite of Israel !!

Raja Chemayel
15. of May 2009
61 years later !!!
after 15 May 1948

Monday, May 11, 2009

An Island in the Metaphorean-Sea
Three Lesbians
from the Island of Lesbos,
while non is lesbian!!.

Once there was an island called ,
where all the Lesbians lived,
on that Metaphorian-sea,
Once , also , but elsewhere ,
there were lesbians who never lived on Lesbos.
nor did ever get even near to the Metaphorian-sea....
One could be a Lesbian , by birth
another could become lesbian "by choice"
and a third could be
a Lesbian without being lesbian
and a forth one, could become lesbian,
without even living on Lesbos island.
A variety of possibilities and yet non of which
are contradictory to the other.
Not even any Paradox........just a matter of
definitions and adjectives.
One could be born in Lesbos , thus a Lesbian,
but at the same time becomes naturalised as Bulgarian.
Or a Bulgarian could become a lesbian,
without emigrating to Lesbos nor acquiring
any Lesbian (Greek) passport .
Having said that ,
I admit that I am not anti-lesbian , nor anti Lesbian
and I must give to those Lesbians & lesbian,
their full rights ,just like I do give all rights
for the Cypriots, the Maltese and the Cretans
..........and also the Cypriot-lesbians , equally.

Remains the fundamental question :
who is Lesbian and who is lesbian ??
and how can one be Lesbian
when one is not lesbian ,
and vise-versa.
And last but not least, I say :
is a Maltese-lesbian ,
identical/equal/same as
a Cypriot-lesbian ?
Is lesbian a national identity ?
Now , on the other hand ,
the Land of Canaan was never an island....
like Lesbos, was .
and the Canaanites lived there
even before Mr. Abraham (of Uur) came over.....
Some Abrahamists "got it" by birth.....
an some Abrahamists "became (it): by conviction ,
or by conversion.
And many Canaanites were not converted,to Abrahamism
but could, at least , stay in the Land of Canaan.
Other Canaanites became Abrahamist ,
but lost the Land Canaan...
Is Abrahamism a national Identity ??
and what about the Judaism, itself ?

The worst , are those who
are neither Abrahamist nor even Canaanites ,
they still got (occupy)
the Land of Canaan.....
claiming to be, what they are not !!

Raja Chemayel
seeking realism in the world of Metaphoria

NB :
The author is a disslektic-french-educated-Arab
who graduated from Germany , living in the Netherlands
and has never learned English........properly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the most difficult job......

The Pope and the King

It is not easy being a Pope !!!

you have to take care
not to hurt the feelings of the Jews
whom you have discriminated since history started

And at the same time,
not to hurt the feelings of Muslim-Arabs
nor the Muslims in general
whom he has colonised the last 350years

And he has to visit Jerusalem ,
without robbing it , this time.

And the most difficult task would be for his holiness
is not to disturb nor to heart nor to offend,nor to forget
the Christian-Arab- Palestinians. .....
who taught him what is Christianity , 2000 years ago,
and who suffer today from a "Jewish fantasy-mythology"
called...... ..... "Israel".

His Holiness must also remember that
when Muslims ruled Jerusalem
the Popes did not drive in an armoured-car
and the Churches of Jerusalem
did not need any building-license
issued by a Polish-Jew-Mayor .

I remember another Pope who visited
Jerusalem in 1966.......
he did not even use a Body-guard
and his host was an Arab-Muslim- King.

The day when,
his Holiness volunteered into the Hitler-Jugend (Hitler-youth)
the Palestinians, Christian and Muslim
were giving asylum to the Jewish-Europeans
escaping his Church and escaping his Party, also.

The Pope must realise that those European-refugees
have , in the meantime , stolen that refuge
and have taken their hosts as hostages !!!

Would his Holiness , wash his hands ?? ,
turn the other cheek ??
or seek Justice ??
would he give to Cesar what is for God ??
or seperate the divine from the devil ????

It is not easy being a Pope,
neither is it easy being a Christian-Arab
who needs a building-license for to build
a Church in the Holy Land....

Nor it is pleasant for a Muslim to know
that non-muslims are digging tunnels
under his Holy Mosque
And non-muslims control who may,
or may not enter the Al Aqsa Mosque !!!

His Holiness the Pope should stop being a spectator ,
if he were completely innocent .

Raja Chemayel