Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gaza and fate......

The brave helpers breaking the Siege

In Gaza the stomachs are empty
but the hearts are full

In Gaza the hospitals are full
but the pharmacies are empty

In Gaza no one drives at high speed
there is no fuel.

In Gaza the Airport has always parking-spaces
available and free of charge.

In Gaza prisons are open 7 days a week
because the borders are closed 8 days a week .

In Gaza you cannot cross to Egypt
although you are an Arab
and you cannot cross to Israel ,
for the same reason .

In Gaza bakeries have no electricity
and the electricity- generating- plant has no bread.

In Gaza freedom is available,
liberation is done
and the self-determination is practised
only , bread,electricity and fuel , are missing !!

You can reach Gaza
by sea , using a submarine
or by land , using a tunnel.

Gaza ,
the only liberated part of Palestine !!
and remember.... ......... ...Freedom is never cheap !!

Raja Chemayel

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gaza is not lost ....

Mahmoud Abbas wants to annex Gaza
but without Hamas.

Ehud Olmert wants to raze Gaza ,to uproot Hamas
and to replant it with Israeli settlers .

Husny Mubarak wants to dump and forget Gaza
otherwise the USA shall make him loose the next election.

The Arab Gulf States want to send yet another donation-cheque
just to keep Gaza on the Mediterranean Sea side .

Mummer Qaddafi wants to remind us of Gaza
so we forget who are his newest-friends.

The Western-Peace- Activist did not forget Gaza
because the Arabs have lost their balls .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
sarcasmologue and cartographer

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gaza , the Hometown of Delilah

Samson , the first
Suicide-attacker !

In Gaza lived Delilahand Samson was not allowed to marry her
because she did not share his own-private- exclusive- religion.
Delilah was a Palestinian- woman
and Samson lived in Palestine but he felt
different and superior to his neighbours , to his hosts,
those Palestinians who were long there before him .

Also Delilah could not have received the Message of God
because the Jews would have kept it exclusively for them.

Delilah was a godless-Palestinian ,nevertheless a
non-guilty-human- being.

It is Jesus of Nazareth who later has spread God's message
to the Palestinians, to the Greeks,the Roman soldiers and universally ,
which made him very unpopular by the Jews.
The Jewish-Apartheid ,
forbids to Samson to mary the woman he loved
and forbids to Jesus to spread the message openly.
Samson has had extraordinary strength ,
due to his long hair.
But as soon as, his hair was cut off ,
then Samson became human.

When shall we give to Israel , a hair-cut ??

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Side-Effects of Zionism

Three victims of Zionism

Zionism ,
made criminals ,out of the Jews
(who decided to become Israelis)

Zionism ,
made refugees ,
out of 48% the of Palestinians .
and made occupied-hostages
out of the other 52% of the Palestinians .

shall come ,
when Zionism is banned
and when
the state of Israel is dismanteled .

is one side-effect of Zionism.

Raja Chemayel

also a terrorist....out of necessaty .

Monday, December 8, 2008

How to screw the people least

Drawing by Ben Heine

Three Top Car Manufacturing Presidents
flew last week to Washington , to request a donation ,
called "bail-out".

Each came by his own Private Jet , separately.
It is remarkable ,to see ,three beggars
landing in three different Private jets.......

yes, but that is all part of the American Dream .

Practically this is all US Tax-money
collected from those who once ( or many times)
have bought cars from them
and logically have paid sales-tax , among all other taxes.

There it is Folks !!!

In America you buy a car , you pay taxes,
and George Bush gives your taxes back to those
who have sold you the the first place.

The American Dream :
or " How to screw the people twice" least .

When you have bought an American Car
and have lost one son fighting to steal the Iraqi oil
which went inside your American-car at a higher price
and then G.W.Bush gives away your Tax money to those
who sold you the car that consumed that Iraqi oil.....
that cost you one son.

Then , how often have you been screwed ??
by the US Governement,
more than twice !! Surely.

Sherlock Hommos PhD.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A walk in the Park......

A cold Sunday in December.... ..
my dog , my son and I ......take a walk in the Park.

My son :
Papa why did you make fun about the Mumbai attack
and you called it " a CIA/Mossad operation"
in your last article. ( See article: Mumbai-chicken with Rice )

Son , do you remember the plot of the last film
of James Bond ,...."Casino Royal" ??

My son :
Yes I do remember it , it was about a kind of a Mafia that
hires people to do Terror-bombing anywhere....
or to start an artificial civil-war in Africa ,
and then to stop it at the right time ,when needed .
That kind-of-Mafia , consequently,
manipulated the Stock Market.

I said :
Well did you not believe that film ??
was it not plausible ?? for you .

My son :
Yes indeed ,........... . this could happen !!

I responded :
Why would you believe a film by Ian Flemming
and not a sarcastic-article by your father ??

My son :
how about a hot chocolate ?? , it is cold out here !!

Raja Chemayel
in a cold Amsterdam