Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Shoe , the Minister and Iraqi law-standarts

the World's most famous shoe

The Courts of Baghdad,within the same week
have issued two condemnations :
The first one was ,16 years,
for an innocent Foreign Minister
for allegedly lawfully executing 40 super-thieves

Which means that the Minister got 2,5 years
for each life he ,allegedly,has had executed.

Simultaneously another Court in Baghdad
condemns a journalist for 3 years in Prison.
For throwing his 2 shoes at George Bush

Which means the journalist got :
3 years-prison for a pair of shoes
(and 1,5 year per shoe......)

Conclusion :
G.W.Bush has brought justice and democracy to Iraq
whereas a pair of shoes are worth more than a human-life.
according to today's new-Iraqi law-standards.

Of course one would say that the 40 executed were thieves
and usurpers who have suck the blood of the people.....

Yes !!!
but I do ask you : Was G.W. Bush any better ??

Sherlock Hommos

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mission accomplished

.The right Terrorist
the right catastrophe
the right Hoax .

The wrong President
the wrong invader
the wrong result

Soon comes the anniversary for the sixth year
of the rape of Iraq.......

And ,when we all agree that:
Democracy, religious-moderatio n,governance- transparency ,
women-rights , human-rights , education, ethnic-rights and local-autonomy' s ,
security, health-care ,non-sesectarianism corruption-control
are all very much essential in any society or in any nation,

Then ,
we must admit and submit that all the above virtues,
were better practised and better preserved
under President Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party.

Denying those virtues and or destroying them
was the original and the secret plan of the USA's Bush regime.

What ever shall come out of Iraq shall be
and will be less than Saddam's Iraq !!

Only Iran and Ben Ladin and Israel and Hally Burton
have profited.

What ever Saddam's Regime was , or even it was not......
it was 10 times better , than what we have now ,
as replacement.

Therefore the USA may ,now ,raise the banner :
" Mission accomplished !! "
and it will not be a lie,
this time , for a change .

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Crimes against humanity" and the 40 Vampires

Mr. Michael Tarek Aziz
........accused of "Crimes-against- humanity"
by those who know not Humanity....

Yesterday a court in Baghdad has sentenced
Mr. Tarek Aziz for 16 years imprisonment.
The charges are " Crime against Humanity "

The facts :
During the economical siege on Iraq
which went on for 11 years ,
there were 40 importers and traders , in food-stuffs
and general-nutrition- raw-materials , who were found
guilty of usurpation and artificially inflating the prices
and attempting to impose a price monopoly.

Those 40 criminal-persons were lawfully executed
after a Martial-Court has found them guilty.

At that time ,
Mr. Tarek Aziz was the foreign-Minister
of the republic of Iraq....

Two questions :
1- how do you punish usurpers (in food stuff )
during a siege and when Martial-Law is applied. ??
2- What is the relation between a Foreign-Minister
and some usurpers being punished by a legal Court.. ??

If there was a "Crime against Humanity"
then those 40 thieves would have committed it
and not Mr. Tarek Aziz
and not even the Court that found them guilty .

Invading Iraq was done under false pretext
and today's Courts of Baghdad are even worse than false.

That same Court has found President Saddam guilty
of lawfully-executing those who once tried to assassinate him.

And the bad-joke is that this Baghdad-Court
used the term " Crime against Humanity"
when there was no Crime
and while this Court knows not any Humanity ,
which starts usualy with , sincerity ,
honesty..... and legality.
..........all absent from that Court.

Raja Chemayel

PS :
If the French-revolution would have caught those 40 usurpers
they would have had the same fate ,but using a sharp Guillotine..
And Mr. Tarek Aziz would have had his statue
on the Champs-Elysee or in the gardens of Versailles.

If the Cuban-Revolution would have the same case of usurpers
no one would recognise their grave , today.

If Trotsky were still alive , he would also have sent them
to Siberia , with a one way ticket...... .

If the Vatican would have caught them in the Middle-Ages
they would be burned alive......

I agree with all cases , including the one in Baghdad,
but Mr. Tarek Aziz is simply innocent !!
and this Court ought to hang itself !!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Penelope and her unfinished cloth.......

In the Greek Mythology was a Lady called Penelope
who was in love with the great-hero-voyager , Ulysses.

Ulysses went on endless voyages and she stayed home
waiting for his return.
Another man asked Penelope for marriage and she has had no excuse
to make him wait , as Ulysses was gone far too long.

She invented an excuse for making him wait longer ,
when she said that she will marry him as soon as her work
on a cloth, she was weaving , would finish .

Penelope would work all day on that cloth ,
and secretly at night she come back and undo her work.......
so that her cloth never finished
and that second-man could never marry her.

The legend has a happy-ending , because ,
long time after Ulysses comes back to her
before that cloth is ever completely achieved .
And that second-man never could marry Penelope.

And what does this mythological- legend has to do
with Palestine and Israel's conflict ???

Elementary my dear Watson !!

Replace Penelope by the "State of Israel"
and then replace the woven-cloth by the "Peace-process"
and finally replace the" Palestinian- rights " by this second-man
waiting endlessly and in vain , to marry Penelope.... ....

Delaying-tactics and winning just by delaying any other solution
is a strategy by itself......

Israel always starts Peace-negotiations
and then it sabotages them , as soon as,
any results may come out....
( the Oslo-charade is the best example )
All rounds of Peace-negotiations in the last 40 years
have had the same fate.
Because Peace makes Israel return
any portion of the stolen-lands. .....
and that is not the purpose of Zionism.

Sherlock Hommos
negotiator , if there are any result , in sight !!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The theology of Liberation
Two armed-liberation- forces... .
with two religions, but one God.

Two British-soldiers were assassinated
yesterday in Northern-Ireland.

They were packing their stuff , and getting ready
to be re-deploid in Afghanistan.

Fate caught up with them, faster than life itself
and they shall never see Afghanistan , again.

The " Real IRA" has claimed the responsibility
of their assassination ..........
Destiny or Fate or Bad-Luck was faster, than the Taliban's.

There is something undeniable and unavoidable
about the Theology-of- Liberation :
............ ......... liberates .... !!
whether it liberates the Catholics of Ireland
or it liberates the Muslims of Afghanistan
God is always with the oppressed people....
although most of the Kings and the most oppressors
do claim to have him on their side.

(Northern) Ireland and Afghanistan
are occupied, today, as in 200 years ago
The death of those two poor-souls,
is ,for us, just a reminder.... ......

Imperialism does not mind which the religion its victims do have .
And Liberation does not mind neither the religion of its oppressors .

If a religion liberates , then it is welcome
and when a religion enslaves then it is not.

If the IRA were only an Irish-Football- club it would never
have (partly) liberated its home......
and the Taliban's are Afghans who which to run their own country
as they think it is right to do....

Being ,myself ,a christian I salute the Muslim- Taliban's
until the Afghans themselves decide for another liberator.
Being ,myself, an evangelical/ protestant I also salute the Catholic-IRA
until Ireland decides to replace them , by whoever might be better.

I offer my condoleances to the families of the 2 dead soldiers.
At least they died with no blood on their hands !!

Raja Chemayel

Monday, March 9, 2009

The other " Six-Millions"

If and when a nuclear bomb
shall fall on the State of Israel
it shall destroy and kill :

1.200.000 Palestinians holding an Israeli Passport
and living inside Israel.
2.300.000 Palestinians living in the West Bank
1,500.000 Palestinians living in Gaza
1,000.000 Russian-emigrants pretending to be Jews
100.000 Druze-Arabs with an Israeli-Passport and collaborating! !
100.000 Foreign-labour working in Israel
6.000.000 non-Jews will perish ...." the other six-millions"

compared this Total
to the remaining 3,7 million Jewish-Israelis
out of which , are 2,9 million non-Semite-Jews-Israelis
and 800.000 are Semite-Jews of Arab-Origin .

Conclusion :
any Nuclear bomb dropped on the State Israel shall :

1- kill 80% of the total worldwide-Palestini an-population
2- kill 2 Arabs for each one Israeli
3- kill 3 semites-victims for each one-non-semite.
4- kill one Million Russian-impostors
who are neither Jews nor Semites nor Arabs.

Raja Chemayel
who prefers dismanteling Israel,completely.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

China is thirsty too......
Sherlock, talking to the Devil.

When the first Israeli died
and (by mistake) he went to Heaven
and then he found it full of non-Jews........also

So he asked if Heaven were now a universal place
and why then his people were , at all, "chosen" ??
and what for ??
if at the end all good people meet in one place ?? !!
and all the bad-people go to another place ,
whether they are Jews or not !!

That Israeli asked to meet the Almighty
but only Jesus was available to speak to him .

He said :
Jesus, why not having a secluded-heaven for us ,
for us , the Jews only ??

Jesus replied :
for Jews ,only ??....... what for ??
do you mean that there are still Jews on Earth ??
so my coming and my martyrdom was for nothing ?? !!

Sherlock Hommos
theologist and theologe and theophile