Monday, March 9, 2009

The other " Six-Millions"

If and when a nuclear bomb
shall fall on the State of Israel
it shall destroy and kill :

1.200.000 Palestinians holding an Israeli Passport
and living inside Israel.
2.300.000 Palestinians living in the West Bank
1,500.000 Palestinians living in Gaza
1,000.000 Russian-emigrants pretending to be Jews
100.000 Druze-Arabs with an Israeli-Passport and collaborating! !
100.000 Foreign-labour working in Israel
6.000.000 non-Jews will perish ...." the other six-millions"

compared this Total
to the remaining 3,7 million Jewish-Israelis
out of which , are 2,9 million non-Semite-Jews-Israelis
and 800.000 are Semite-Jews of Arab-Origin .

Conclusion :
any Nuclear bomb dropped on the State Israel shall :

1- kill 80% of the total worldwide-Palestini an-population
2- kill 2 Arabs for each one Israeli
3- kill 3 semites-victims for each one-non-semite.
4- kill one Million Russian-impostors
who are neither Jews nor Semites nor Arabs.

Raja Chemayel
who prefers dismanteling Israel,completely.

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