Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I reached finally Bethlehen

This Wall has 2 sides...
one for the oppressor
and the other for the oppressed

On my way to Bethlehem
I was stopped by a wall
not one........ not ten, ....... but too many.

On my way to Bethlehem
I crossed 28 check-points
and got searched 29 times
and humiliated another 10 times more.

When I reached Bethlehem
the three Kings have left back home , before me
one went to Amman , one to went back to Riyadh
and the third changed his name into Pharaoh .

When I reached Bethlehem
Joseph was been arrested for interrogation
Mary went out to get a passage-permission.

When I reached Bethlehem
That new-born-Baby was left in the hands of a Baby-Sitter
appointed by the United Nations Resolution NR. 82.447
whereas Tony Blair takes custody of the Baby ,
abiding by the wishes of her Majesty's
Prime Minister Lord Balfour .

When I reached Bethlehem
Hotels have had enough of vacancies
because all prisons are full.

The receptionist was an Ethiopian who became a Semite
and the cook was a Caucasian-cosher
while the room service was a red-haired-Russian-alcoholist
pretending to be a "chosen".

Never-mind....I reached Bethlehem
but it has changed completely
and even the new-born will talk now.
in English only with a russian-accent.

I reached Bethlehem Hotel
and in the room near me resides Mr. Madoff
and the floor above me was reserved for Black-Water
while the new-born-baby was preparing himself
to become the next Hotel's luggage-boy.

I reached Bethlehem...
but they have reach it before me .

Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 22, 2008

Exactly the same Afghanistan

Why was is right and legal and normal and necessary
then to chase the Red Army out of Afghanistan,
thanks to the CIA , to the Saudi Royal Family
and to the fundamentalist-Muslim-volunteers .....???

And it is not right nor legal nor necessary
to chase out the US and UK armies today .....
out of that same Afghanistan ???
and with the same Muslim-ffundamentalists...???

Did it not occur to anyone , that the Soviet Red Army
was also making a war against the same ,so called ,
" Terrorists" and "Fundamentalist"
and everything -else that the West does not like ....???

The Soviet Red Army was called: the "infidels"
so what should we call the US and UK. :" the pig-eaters " ????
maybe ??
Something is wrong here because
it is exactly the same Afghanistan .

Something is wrong here
because the Soviet forbid the Opiom trade
but the US and UK could not !!!!

Something is wrong here
Moscow has no more a dictator , anymore
and Washington has an elected-dictator.
while the Muslim-fundamentalists are the same !!!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The man without any religion

The man without a religion

The man who stole 50 billion Dollars
(which are five thousand millions dollars)
is of a certain religion which we cannot criticise
otherwise we shall be labelled as being Anti-Semite.

So , let us assume that this thief were without any religion
but then comes another delicate question :
to which country ?? did he transfer a large part of his lute ???

We could name that State but then we shall be reminded
that all the Holocaust-survivors went to that State....
No it is not Florida !!!......... ..
NO !!! that other country..... . the one full of Semite-Palestinian
who became now , Refugee-Semite- Palestinians
Yes !! indeed .......
the Only Democracy occupying a third country.

Never mind !
Sarcasm will lead us no where.....
So, do not mention Mr. Madoff jewish-religion
nor do you ever dare to mention the State of Israel...... .
keep it as a secret.........just like I do .

And by the way ,
Mr. Madoff would have also transfered part of the 50 Billionsto Gaza....
but unfortunately. .... Gaza is under a siege !!!s
o it all went to one place , only.

Sherlock Hommos
financial inspector