Saturday, February 6, 2010

How colonialism works.....كيف يتم الاستعمار

King Leopold (of Belgium)

got for himself the Congo

ليبولد ملك البلجيك
نهب لذاته الكونغو

King Philip (of Spain)
got for himself the Philippines

الملك فيليب (الإسباني)
نشل لنفسه الفلبين

Sir Cecil Rhodes (British)
got for himself Rhodesia
سير سيسيل رودوس (البريطاني!!!!)
أسس لنفسه (روديسيا)
Baron de Rotschild (French-banker)
got for himself Palestine

البارون دي روتشيلد (مصرفي فرنسي)
استعمر لذاته فلسطين
King Abdullah (Hashemite,from Hijaz)
got for himself Jordan

الملك عبدالله (الحجازي)
أسس له الإنجليز أمارة شرق الأردن (ولكنه نفخها لتصبح مملك)
The Maronite Patriach ( a Syrian from Keserwan)
got for himself the Lebanon

البطريرك الماروني (سوري من كسروان)

وهب لنفسه لبنان الكبير
Theodor Herzl.
So if you need a country,
then get for yourself colonialism.

ور هيرتزل!!!!
إذا كنت تريد لذاتك دولة؟؟؟!!!
تبنى لنفسك استعماراً

Raja Chemayel
 the sixth of the second of 2010
رجا الشميل
السادس من ال2010 الثانية

ترجمها إلى العربية المقتلع من أرضه: أديب قعوار

Friday, February 5, 2010

Give us back Palestine.
The real-promised-land !

Give us back our Palestine

and then you may have that Peace.

Give us back Palestine
and then you may go back
to where you came from.

Give us back Palestine
and we shall protect you from Anti-semitism
if it would still exist, by then.

Give us back Palestine
we did not invent nor did we use Anti-Semitism
it existed before us....
and still existed later without us.

Give us back Palestine
and take in exchange Manhattan,
Texas or Florida
 also take ,
 Kuwait and Dubai ........
and Husny Mubarak ,as a bonus !! .

Give us back Palestine
and we give you : fresh air,
no pollution , no CO2 Gaz-emission
and we shall stop the Global-Warming, as well .
The barrel of Petrol will be for only 7 dollars
and Air-plane-hijacking s shall be abolished.
All  Suicide Bombers shall work
as doormen at Disneyland
or they do valet-parking at Sheraton´s.

Give us back Palestine
and then
all dandruff-shampoo´ s shall be for free
and the triple-shaving- blades also.
All terrorists shall be converted
into vegetarian-Jehovah- witnesses 

Give us back Palestine ,
and you may recollect
lost Kingdom of Khazar.

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One should not generalise......
Israelis.... ..thieves in uniform.

Not all the Jews are Israelis .
Not all Christians were once colonialists .
Not all Europeans became once Crusaders
Not all Germans became in 1930 , Nazi´s
Not all the Democratic-Regimes invaded Iraq and Afghanistan
Not all Lebanese are Phalangists nor any other right-wing-garbage.

one should not generalise  !!,

But.... all the Israelis are
common-classical-thieves  !!!

( except the Arabs of inside Israel ,
who were annexed
and are forced now to carry an Israeli-passport)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peace or Amnesty ??

The State of Israel is not seeking any Peace
and it never was......

Why would Israel need  Peace
when it is winning
all its wars ???

No Sir !!
The State of Israel is only seeking an Amnesty,
for all its crimes ......

and ,
an eventual-Peace would mean
(nothing else but)
the much needed Amnesty.

Raja Chemayel
they never needed Amnesty

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hollow-Ghost and the Juices.........
  Juices-only .
A hollow-ghost

The Hollow-Ghost that came to the juices was unjustified
and this is the case of all the Hollow-Ghosts. .....
which are all non-human !!

Nevertheless it happened also to the non-juices,
therefore those juices cannot claim any exclusivity
nor claim the rights to any special-treatments.

Hollow-Ghosts are an unfortunate- component of each man´s history
and they should be equally and totally condemned.

Juices are simply what they are ,
and should not be considered more than a part of the fruits
out of which they came out.

One cannot claim that an Orange-juice
is superior to an Orange.

After all ,juices are not to be kept separated but they should merge in
a multi-fluid- cocktail to produce a drink which suits all tastes of humanity.

Gone are the days of the chosen-separated-exclusive-juices !!
whereas the juices are an excuse for racism.

Humanity, if it does not mix ,
shall end up in ugly apartheid's
and in some islands of isolated-nations. .........
called it Ghettos, or pure-nations. .

If and when the juices do mix-around , next time ,
the Hollow-Ghosts will not be able to isolate and to find them .

But we should put this Hollow-Ghost in its own context
and no more assume that it is unique, nor that it is
anyone´s  exclusive-property. .....
nor that it comes only to the Juices !!

What if the Hollow-Ghost has never existed ??
 which is also a  possibility !!
some believe what they like ...
and others like what they believe .
some do not like to believe..... 
because they do not like what they see .

Some hate all the juices fundamentally ,
ome others pity them blindly,
others suffer from an inferiority , once they encounter them........

I do not mind the juices ,
 as long as they do not steal my national-rights
or when they steal my holy books ,
nor would they steal anyone´s rights.

Raja Chemayel
a juice-lover


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Banana-republic..without a banana !!
A Banana-republic. .......but without bananas !!

I have tried,recently,  to make a parallel between Haiti´s disaster
and Gaza´s and about  the similarities within a basic difference.

But what I did not pay attention to,  

was the fact that
Haiti , in 1947,  has voted for 

the establishment of the State of Israel
at the United Nation´s assembly.... .

or rather for the partition of Palestine.

Of course democracy ,  tells us that each and everyone
has the same right to vote.

Incidentally , my Lebanon voted in 1947 
against the establishment of that colonial- State.

Then may I ask you , 

whether democracy must allow
to the concerned (Lebanon) 

and the unconcerned (Haiti)
the same rights of opinion  ??
or same-rights for such a vital choice ??

The same island of Haiti is divided 

and is shared by another state,
did anyone ask my Lebanon 

whether this were legal or agreeable ??
Such decision did not concern( my) Lebanon ,
nor were we asked our opinion.

Did anyone of the readers , 

have looked up the list of countries
which voted for the establishment 

of the State of Israel ???? in 1947 .

If the answer is "yes"  ,( you have this list herebelow),
please compare this list with the other list of those countries
who refused the State of Israel  !!!

Does any Caribbean-country 

share the same rights of choice
with any Middle-Eastern- country,
when it comes to deleting Palestine ???

Look up this list !!
and then let us discuss about  

Geo-political- equal-rights
in the meantime , me as a Lebanese ,
I shall decide who shall rule over Iceland :
Denmark or the Congo or the Free-Masons ?

Raja  Chemayel


The list...of  the 1947 UN- vote on the partition of Palestine
and on the creation of the State of Israel.

In favor, (33 countries, 59%):
Against, (13 countries, 23%):
Abstentions, (10 countries, 18%):
Absent, (1 countries, 0%):


Jordan,Tunis, Algeria,Lybia, Marroco,Kuwait, Sudan , UAE, Cyprus, did not even "exist" so they could not vote........ .

but Haiti,among others, votes "yes"  for Israel  !!

and the nearest country which said "Yes" was France !!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tony made the world a much safer place.
I wish this were true......!
but ,
history punishes also the wrong ones !!!

Tony Blair appearing at the Iraq enquiry commission
declared as a conclusion of his five hours interviews
that " now that Saddam Hussein is eliminated,
the World is a safer place ........" unquote

My personal conclusion about Tony Blair
was that he always was a liar
and now he proved that he is an idiot , as well .

Tony is either  ,
an idiot who lies, or he is indeed , a lying-idiot
but most probably :
Tony is a liar thinking that we were all idiots .

Anyhow the Taliban's and the Al Kayda
sleep much better since Tony has made his wars
the freedom-fighters in Iraq ,
 the Muslim-fundamentali st
the Muslim-radicals
the Muslim-fanatics
the liberation movements
all the anti-imperialists
all of them ,
have now more reasons to fight back against
the imperial-West .

And before I leave you,
I would like to inform you that Tony also said :
" I would do it again......" unquote
so sleep well !!.......... ......... ... if you still can.

Sherlock Hommos