Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Blame Game

The President of United States of American
listened to the CIA's advises
and consequently he invaded Iraq

Today that same President is listening to General Petreaus
on how to get out of Iraq . (in one piece) ,

That sames president has had six of most-close-advisers
(all of them were incidentally ,from the same religion)
and all have in the meantime , lost their jobs ,
for different reasons but mainly for the Iraq's failings.

There are many reasons for the total disasters in Iraq
and opinions differ on who is to be blamed :

General Petraeus blames Al Qua'eeda
Condi Rice blames Iran
George Bush blames Global-Terrorism
Ehud Olmert blames Syria
My mother-in-Law blames my writings
Hilary Clinton blames the non-armoured-Hummer-cars
Barak Obama blames the jet-lag among the troops
Iran blames Salman Rusdie
Al Gore blames it on Global Warming
Oussama Ben Laden blames the infidels
The two million Refugees blame
the United Nation's High Council for the Refugees
The one million dead blame..........nobody.....anymore.

Personally I blame a lot of people,
but chiefly I blame the only winner in this game:
The State of Israel....who else ??

Raja Chemayel
the blameless.......but yet frustrated !!
15 Sept.2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Dutch stories about three Dutch-Clowns

As if there are not enough Clowns on this Earth
we have now here in the Netherlands
a new Super Clown who has started a new political-show:
He (they) want to legalise the step taken by any Muslim
who would like to give up Islam
and to convert to another religion ,
or to no religion at all.

I do know that Islam forbids that ,
but my opinion is that it would be better for Islam to "loose"
such members than having them within its ranks....... .
better to have a non-Muslim (like me)
than having a Bad-Muslim.

Also we have another Member of the Parliament
who wants to forbid the the Netherlands
but 12 years ago he did not want to forbid
Salman Rushdie !! nor Pornography

We have had also , recently , another Lady-Clown
who came all the way from Somalia to the Netherlands
and precisely into directly the Dutch Parliament
to " liberate the oppressed Muslim-women"
and she has chosen the Dutch-Parliament as the
"front-line for Muslim-women- emancipation"
of all other places !!

I would have sent her rather to a Gynaecologist- clinic
because she took the "female-circumcision"
as the symbol to her struggle.... ...
but she forget to mention that Islam
never permitted such an operation... .
and that even Christian-Egyptians do it
as a cultural-social- hygenic-tradition .....
like in the rest of black-Africa also.

The end of that story is that this Lady-Clown
is now working for no one less than
Richard Perle himself , in the USA.
Which could give you a hint as to who would have sent her
to our richly-emancipate-Netherlands, in the first place.

Incidentally in that decade she has spent in Netherlands
which brought her from refugee-status up to
an instant Member of the Parliaments ,
she has visited , accidentally of course , 12 times Israel......
only to end up residing now in the USA.

Back to our , today's clown , and probably being her successor,
he wants to protect the rights of those Dutch-Muslims
to refute Islam.....and to seek even the Devil ,
if they do so wish.

Needless to say that this Clown is now
under 24 hours police protection.. ..
just in case you wondered where my Tax-money is spent.....

In the case that this Clown could read at all ,
and if by luck , he might be reading this message of mine :
I would like to inform him , (and to his masters)
that Islam is safe and healthy with or without him
because in the Netherlands the statistics show that
for each 18 converted christian into Islam
there is probably only one Dutch-Muslim leaving Islam,
secretly, temporarely or otherwise.

And the USA Statistics on that same matter ,
are also not encouraging
for the Islamophobic- Land-of-the- Free.

So Ayan Hirshi Ali could shut up.......both her lips !!
they are both worthless !!

And for that other clown renouncing his Islam ,
he must be thanked for doing to Islam.......this big favour !!

If ever he would have done it 200 years ago
in Rome or Madrid , the Pope would have
burned him alive....and slowly.

Raja Chemayel
a Christian for Islam !!
14th of Sept.2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What was the Size of the Promised-Land ?

How big was the Promised Land ,
and what is the size of it ??
How many kilometres.. ..?? or Miles ??
or rather , how many Injustices ??
Where did it start
and where will it end ??

When and if , God has given it ,
to Abraham and Sarah
were seven hectares not enough for them
or would fifteen hectares have been better ??

If Abraham would have had to share it
with his large family
twenty-five hectares will be sufficient ,then !

If Abraham brought all his tribe from Iraq ,
I guess that three-hundred- hectares
are more than sufficient.

But when ,
Lithuanians , Belorussians , Russians , Polish,Latvians,
Romanian,Ukrainians ,Czech,Dutch, German,British, Slovakians,
Italians,Peruvians, Canadians, Croatians, Maltese
Slovenians, French ,British, Argentinians and Ethiopians
all ,wanted to share it with the real-Abraham,
then we all got a huge problem !!

Where does the Promised Land start ??
and where does it end ?? at the Golan-height ??
at the Litany River ?? on the banks of the Tigris ??
or shortly in front of the Pyramids.... .

Was not the Promise fulfilled once at least ,
if not twice even ??
Why to claim it again ?? and again !!
was that an endless-promise
or revolving-promise ?

Abraham was an Iraqi who came to Palestine
but, Ariel Sharon was a Belorussian who came to Palestine
Abraham listened to some "voices" and followed them
but , Ariel just just followed his criminal-greed.

If Tell Aviv were a Promised-city
why not Ramallah-city too ?? and Hebron and Jericho.

Once in the course of History Damascus has had a Jewish-King
would that mean that the Promised-Land includes also
the oldest-capital- in-the world ???

How come a Lithuanian or an Ethiopian may occupy
what God has once , allegedly, promised
to an Iraqi-Arab called Abraham..... ???

How come a Palestinian refugee living in Jordan
cannot walk back , 23 km only, to home , to his Jericho
when a Venezuelan-Jew- of-Polish- origins,
may fly 12.745 km to Jerusalem ??
and take it .

Where does the Promised-Land end ?
and a more important question is :
When does the rape of Palestine ends ?
And before I go , may I ask you :
Did God Promise a piece of Land ? (without no borders)
or rather, God promised us ,
the coming of Jesus (Issa)
the Messiah , Al Massih.

Raja Chemayel
Faith has no borders but Land does !

13 Sept.2007

كم كانت مساحة الأرض الموعودة؟

وكم كان حجمها؟؟
كم كيلو متر... أو كم ميل؟؟
أو بالأحرى كم حيف/ظلم؟؟
من أين بدأت...
وأين تنتهي؟

متى... إذا كان الله أعطاه...
لإبراهيم وسارة؟؟؟
ألم تكن سبعة هكتارات كافية لهما...
أو حتى خمسة عشرة هكتاراً تكفيهما؟؟؟

إذا كان على إبراهيم مشاركة عائلته الكبيرة؟؟
أتكفي أو من الأفضل خمسة وعشرين هكتاراً!!!

وإذا ما جاء إبراهيم بكل قبيلته من العراق الشقيق...
قد تكفي .. برأيي ثلاثمائة هكتار
فهي أكثر مما يلزمهم!!!

ولكن المهم متى أعطي الوعد؟؟
ولكن إذا أراد الليثوانيون، البلاؤس، الروس، البولونيون، اللتفيون،
الرومانيون، الأوكرانيون، والشيكيون، الهولنديون، الألمان، الإنكليز، السلوفاك،
الإيطاليون، البيرافيون، الفرنسيون، الكنديون، الكرواتيون، المالطيون،
السلوفانيون، الفرنسيون،، ومرة أخرى الإنكليز، والأرجنتيون،
ولا ننسى الفلاشه الإثيوبيون والهنود وأيضاً الهنود الحمر!!!!
جميعهم يريدون مشاركة إبراهيم الحقيقي في الأرض الموعودة...
في هذه الحال سنقع في مشكلة عويصة.........

أين تبدأ حدود الأرض الموعودة؟؟؟ أو بالحري أين ستنتهي؟؟؟
أبمرتفعات الجولان؟؟
أو عند شواطئ الليطاني؟؟؟ أو ربما على ضفاف دجله؟؟
أو باختصار على سفح هرم خوفو..........

ألم يتم الوفاء بالوعد يوماً ما؟؟
إذا لم يكن قد تم ذلك حتى مرتين؟؟
ربما كان ذلك وعد لا نهاية له...
أو هو وعد دوار كأبواب الفنادق؟؟!!!

إبراهيم كان عراقي أتى إلى فلسطين
ولكن أريل شارون كان بيلاروسي أتى إلى فلسطين...
إبراهيم سمع صوت ما... وتبعه...
ولكن شارون تبع جشعه الإجرامي...
إذا كانت تل أبيب المدينة الموعودة
فلم لا تكون مدينة رام الله كذلك؟؟ أو حتى الخليل وأريحا؟؟؟!!!

في يوم ما في التاريخ كان لدمشق ملك يهودي... أيعني ذلك أن تضم إلى ارض الميعاد؟؟؟
دمشق أقدم عاصمة في العالم!!!

كيف للثواني أو حتى الإثيوبي أن يحتل...
ما أدعيي أن الله وعد به...
لعراقي عربي يدعى إبراهيم....؟؟؟!!!

وكيف لا يسمع للاجئ فلسطيني مقيم في الأردن...
السير مجرد 23 كم.. عائدا إلى مدينته التاريخية أريحاً...
عندما يتسنى ليهودي فنزوليي منحدر من أصل بولوني،
أن يطير 12745 كم إلى القدس؟؟؟

أين تنتهي حدود ما يدعى بأنها أرض الميعاد؟؟؟
لا بل هناك سؤال أكثر أهمية:
متى ينتهي اغتصاب فلسطين؟؟؟

وقبل أن اذهب، هل لي أن أسالك؟
هل فعلياً وعد الله قطعة أرض؟ بلا حدود؟ (بدون حدود؟؟؟!!!)
أو أن الله وعدنا نحن...,
بمجيء المسيح (عيسى)؟؟؟
رجا الشميل
الإيمان لا حدود له... ولكن الأرض لها حدود!!!
ترجمة: أديب قعوار - الناصري

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sander and his Nuclear-Sub-Marine

a true story....... .....six years ago !

On the morning right-after September 11Th. 2001
I have met my next door neighbour , who has asked me :
"How come anybody could hate the USA so much ??"

I did not answer him , at that moment ,
because I was in hurry to reach my office,
I was late already..... because, I had spent all night before
watching CNN and BBC on my TV .

My neighbour's name is Sander " ......"
and he was an officer on a huge-secret- sub-marine
of the Dutch Navy.......
His job is so secret that he never described it to me
but after having him as a neighbour for 5 years
I could only guess what it is , or how important it was,
or at least how secret it must be kept .

The point I am making , is not how secret his job was,
but rather the fact that a Dutch-Navy-officer
on a Nuclear-sub- marine could not imagine,
on the 12Th of September 2001 , who, nor why ,
anybody could hate the USA ??

Six years have passed since that short encounter ,
and this neighbour is no more my neighbour
he is now surely promoted to a higher rank
and I hope and wish that , by now,
he has made up his mind
and he has had realised who could hate the USA ?
and especially why ....??

Probably and logically this bright young officer shall,
one day, have his finger on a certain button ,
and I hope that he shall think twice before pushing it !!
or that at least he ought to know , by then ,
"who is the enemy" and why do enemies exist ??

I know not where Sander is operating now
but a trip , for him, to Iraq or to Afghanistan ,
could help him more to understand ......
"..... how could anyone hate the USA ?.... and why ?? "

Raja Chemayel
on the 11Th. of September... ......six years later.