Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sander and his Nuclear-Sub-Marine

a true story....... .....six years ago !

On the morning right-after September 11Th. 2001
I have met my next door neighbour , who has asked me :
"How come anybody could hate the USA so much ??"

I did not answer him , at that moment ,
because I was in hurry to reach my office,
I was late already..... because, I had spent all night before
watching CNN and BBC on my TV .

My neighbour's name is Sander " ......"
and he was an officer on a huge-secret- sub-marine
of the Dutch Navy.......
His job is so secret that he never described it to me
but after having him as a neighbour for 5 years
I could only guess what it is , or how important it was,
or at least how secret it must be kept .

The point I am making , is not how secret his job was,
but rather the fact that a Dutch-Navy-officer
on a Nuclear-sub- marine could not imagine,
on the 12Th of September 2001 , who, nor why ,
anybody could hate the USA ??

Six years have passed since that short encounter ,
and this neighbour is no more my neighbour
he is now surely promoted to a higher rank
and I hope and wish that , by now,
he has made up his mind
and he has had realised who could hate the USA ?
and especially why ....??

Probably and logically this bright young officer shall,
one day, have his finger on a certain button ,
and I hope that he shall think twice before pushing it !!
or that at least he ought to know , by then ,
"who is the enemy" and why do enemies exist ??

I know not where Sander is operating now
but a trip , for him, to Iraq or to Afghanistan ,
could help him more to understand ......
"..... how could anyone hate the USA ?.... and why ?? "

Raja Chemayel
on the 11Th. of September... ......six years later.

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