Saturday, September 22, 2007

Portugal and Spain , Lebanon and Syria

Pro-Syrai Demonstration in Beirut

Within days only,

Lebanon ought to have a new president elected.

Must the new President be Pro-Syria or Pro-Syrian

where lies geographically ,the Lebanon ?

is Lebanon between Portugal and Spain, perhaps ??

or rather a cut-out-piece of Syria....?? !!

Why must not a Lebanese President be Pro-Syrian ?
Would you prefer a Pro-Democracy -President,
so as Husny Mubarak ?

or Pro-Democracy as King Abdullah of Jordan ??

What the West calls "Moderate" leaders
when it really means "Castrated" rulers.

Must the President of the Land of Cedars

be more faithful to that country

which produces the Bordeaux wines ??

Or a sub-servant to the country

that gave us Kentucky Fried Chicken ??

For those Lebanese who claim that Lebanon and Syria

were two different countries , I shall remind them

that all their Grand fathers were born as Syrian citizens,

(unless if they were Armenians living in the Lebanon) .

The expression " Pro Syrian" is used as a reproach

if not as an accusation.. ......

what other "Pro-" would you prefer ??

How can a country 220 km long and 60 km wide

be anything isolated or anything so special ??

Are we a Monaco , a Lichtenstein or a San Marino ??

What ever is elected and who ever is elected

shall be a Pro-something.. ....
Would you blame the Portugese President
if he were a Pro-Spain-Person ??

If we do not like Syria , let us change Syria to the better

instead of hiding under the skirts Condolisa Rice ,

in the name of Democracy and in the name of theLebanese Independence.

Why should Bernard Kouchner visit 5 times

the Lebanese Maronite Patriarch ??

is Bernard to be converted to Maronitism ??
or the Patriarch will become a Democrat ??

And that US Ambassador in Lebanon

has visited the same Patriarch, more often

than visiting his own wife !!

Saad el Hariri is more Saudi than anything else I know

and his coalition-allies are either Pro-Israel, or Pro-USA,
or Pro-France ,whereas non of them is Pro-Honesty.

If Portugal were to Speak Spanish instead of Portuguese

could you or would you wish to separate it from Spain ??

Lebanon speaks the same Arabic as Syria ,

we have even the same folk-dances and the same cuisine.

I know not one Lebanese who has not relatives in Syria !

Lebanon and Syria are both at least 6000 years old

but their (separation) borders were drawn only 62 years ago ,

so being Pro-Syria is more than natural and realistic .

Both Germany's are reunited now and both parts Syria

are constantly and wishfully separated by those
sames Powers that created that artificial-separati on.

A non-Pro-Syria Lebanese President is rathera separatist ,

a renegade and an evasionist from the Truth.

Portugal without Spain is an Island

Lebanon without Syria is not Lebanon !!

Raja Chemayel
a Lebanese because I am Syrian !

Friday, September 21, 2007

Peace ? or Peace-Conference !!

Peace ??
or just , Peace-Conferences !!

Peace means a lot of different things

for a lot of different people :

For the Israelis

it means that they could still hold on to the stolen Land.

For the USA ,

it means not exactly Peace ,

but rather a Peace-Conference

For the Palestinians

it is simply another "morphine-injection" that will ease the paine

instead of curing the illness..... until the next conference.

For the Hotel Managers ,

in Sharm el Shaikh and elsewhere

it means full-house-occupancy and good advertisement for the holiday-resort

For the Media ,

it is , prime-time-stuff and good material for the "talk-shows"

and a boots for advertisemenst, commercials and sponsoring.

For Mahmoud Abbas ,

just an excuse to leave Mrs. Abbas at home alone,

and to run after the room-maids of Sharm el Shaikh Resort,

otherwise it is all so boring.

For Simon Perez

a chance to win the world record of the
25th consecutive- Peace-Conference
( and again a result-less one)

For Peace , itself ,

it means practically nothing relevant ,

simply because JUSTICE is not invited .....

and the victim is not even recognised

nor identified !!.

Sherlock Hommos

give me only Justice..... ...and keep your Peace

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Collective-Punishement of the collective-innocent

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Dr. Rice showing the Condom she brought along,
for this occasion...

DR.Condom-Liza- Rice said in Jerusalem
while talking about the on-going
Collective-Punishment of Gaza
planned for today, by Israel , she said :
"We shall not abandon the innocent Palestinians"
I have three questions for her :
(while my crocodile is weeping)
1- who are ,precisely, the non-innocent- Palestinians ??
2- and then , the so called "innocent-Palestinians ",
would they get their Land back ??
if they remain "innocent" ??
3- what if all Palestinians were (or will become) innocent ??
would she compensate and support all of them ??
and how ? with yet another conference , perhaps ??
Sherlock Sherlock Hommos
never innocent !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Proverbs

Beirut 19.10.2007

An Arab-Proverb, says:

The enemy of my enemy
is my friend
the friend of my enemy
is my enemy

but this proverb ought to be renewed
and must get a face-lifting
or just an adjustment to today's situation .

An Israeli-Proverb ,says:

To bomb the enemy of your enemy
brings all the suspicions on your enemy.


to bomb the Friend of your Friend
brings the same suspicions (also) on your enemy .

Syria must somehow be unwillingly thankful
that Israel "takes care" of Syria's opponents
in the Lebanon

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The family reunion of different-impostor

The European-Union- immigration- Authorities
are applying now a mandatory- DNA-Test
to any new immigrant entering Europe
under the pretext of a "Family reunion"

This test shall offer a 99,99% proof that this
applicant- immigrant is not cheating and that he or she
are related genetically (family) of the subject
they are rejoining... ......... .inside Europe.

Fine with me !
and I salute this measure which blocks fraud and abuses.

23 years ago I go an immigration- visa
for my mother to join me here in the Netherlands
and I have had a hell of time on the red-tape
proving she were my own mother...... ......
If that DNA-test has existed in 1983 , it would have
spared me 6 months of efforts and 2 lawyers and
a huge lost of time.

I wonder if the same DNA- test could be done on
all the Immigrants entering Israel :

1- to establish if an Ethiopian Falasha and a Lithuanian Jew
are members of the same race , or the same nation ???
2- If Ariel Sharon and the Prophet Elijah are from the same blood ??
3- if Ehud Olmert and the Good Samaritan are direct-cousins ??
4- If Simon Perez and Judas are from the same grand-father ??
5- If Madona and Sammy Davies Jr. share the same Grand-mother ??
6- if the Peruvian Jews are cousins to the Chinese Jews
7- the list is endless..

And while we are at it........we may check whether
any Jew in Israel is related to any other Jew inside ??
Or related to the chosen-people , if we can find them ?

Such a test may cost 2.45 Dollar a piece.
So for a budget of 13.452.556 Dollars
we could check everyone living in the State of Israel.

I bet you that only the Palestinians inside Israel
are qualified to be called "a People".....
and all others (Jews) are a bunch of imposter's
and worse than that , they are even different-impostors !!
The DNA-Test will prove that the people coming in
are not related to the people already inside
who at the same time are not even related to each others....

Nothing is stronger than science !!
not even the Zionist propaganda machines .....
Raja Chemayel
I am ready to take that test
to find out if I am related to Hannibal
or to King Hiram or to Gibran.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tribalism,Cannibalism and cheap-Illusions

Very recently a new-found-ally of George Bush's
was blown-up while driving in his armoured car
He was a tribal leader , a Sunni Tribal Leader

(if ever his sect does matter , in that case)

His name is irrelevant , as much as his role were,
he must have believed George when the later
told him that he came for spreading Democracy
and that God , the almighty, talked to him.....

A short lived alliance between:
Iraqi-Tribalism- Opportunism and the White-house- Cannibalism .

Although the USA has sent 164.449 soldiers
to steal the Iraqi OIL.......
they also have hired 93.781 mercenaries
to protect those Iraqi-traitors- collaborators- profiteers.

Obviously neither was successful so far
The Oil shall dry out and the Traitors will go first.

But what bothers me the most , is the pretencion
or the illusion that one can achieve any Democracy
with the help of Tribal-Chiefs. ....
It is like the attempt to restoring the Royalist in France
with the help of Gavroche or Robespierre.

Just in case you did not notice yet :

none of Bush's choices and or allies
do look like , or even smell like....Democracy !

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Marketing Manager ,
frozen-Democracies Ltd.
17 . 09 . 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking for a Zionist with 21 Million Dollars

Recently I met, in a fancy-reception ,
a nice middle-aged- Dentist who happened to be Jew
and so he directly engaged a conversation with me ,
after knowing that I am an Arab.
Of course you can imaging the themes and the issues
that were discussed between him and myself.
As if , he and I could achieve what 8 wars could not,
namely a solution to the Israel-Palestinian- question.
Among other perishable-argument s he has brought forward
against the Arabs , was an old and classical one :
" The Arabs have 21 countries
so why can't the Jews have just one ? "

I heard this argument so often in the sixties , already ,
so my answer was ready , short and unpleasant,
and that Dentist did not like it at all
and our relation/friendship /acquaintance survived only ,
those 12 minutes.... hardly.
Afterwards ,
each of us went his own way and we avoided each other
for the rest of the evening.
I hope that one day I will never have to sit on his chair......

If ever , some day ,you are exposed to
a Jewish-Dentist- with-Zionist- Convictions ,just like him ,
please note my answer to him:
" If you would have had 21 million Dollars in your bank account
would you allow me to steal one Million ??" (only because I would have none)
Money 4 Money 6 Safe

Therefore keep you eyes and ears well open
and let know when you will find such a wealthy one...
He has not to be specifically a Dentist,
but just to be , Jewish and Millionaire and Zionist.
(Easy to find !!)

Sherlock Sherlock Hommos
Who cannot refuse a Million