Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The family reunion of different-impostor

The European-Union- immigration- Authorities
are applying now a mandatory- DNA-Test
to any new immigrant entering Europe
under the pretext of a "Family reunion"

This test shall offer a 99,99% proof that this
applicant- immigrant is not cheating and that he or she
are related genetically (family) of the subject
they are rejoining... ......... .inside Europe.

Fine with me !
and I salute this measure which blocks fraud and abuses.

23 years ago I go an immigration- visa
for my mother to join me here in the Netherlands
and I have had a hell of time on the red-tape
proving she were my own mother...... ......
If that DNA-test has existed in 1983 , it would have
spared me 6 months of efforts and 2 lawyers and
a huge lost of time.

I wonder if the same DNA- test could be done on
all the Immigrants entering Israel :

1- to establish if an Ethiopian Falasha and a Lithuanian Jew
are members of the same race , or the same nation ???
2- If Ariel Sharon and the Prophet Elijah are from the same blood ??
3- if Ehud Olmert and the Good Samaritan are direct-cousins ??
4- If Simon Perez and Judas are from the same grand-father ??
5- If Madona and Sammy Davies Jr. share the same Grand-mother ??
6- if the Peruvian Jews are cousins to the Chinese Jews
7- the list is endless..

And while we are at it........we may check whether
any Jew in Israel is related to any other Jew inside ??
Or related to the chosen-people , if we can find them ?

Such a test may cost 2.45 Dollar a piece.
So for a budget of 13.452.556 Dollars
we could check everyone living in the State of Israel.

I bet you that only the Palestinians inside Israel
are qualified to be called "a People".....
and all others (Jews) are a bunch of imposter's
and worse than that , they are even different-impostors !!
The DNA-Test will prove that the people coming in
are not related to the people already inside
who at the same time are not even related to each others....

Nothing is stronger than science !!
not even the Zionist propaganda machines .....
Raja Chemayel
I am ready to take that test
to find out if I am related to Hannibal
or to King Hiram or to Gibran.

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