Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking for a Zionist with 21 Million Dollars

Recently I met, in a fancy-reception ,
a nice middle-aged- Dentist who happened to be Jew
and so he directly engaged a conversation with me ,
after knowing that I am an Arab.
Of course you can imaging the themes and the issues
that were discussed between him and myself.
As if , he and I could achieve what 8 wars could not,
namely a solution to the Israel-Palestinian- question.
Among other perishable-argument s he has brought forward
against the Arabs , was an old and classical one :
" The Arabs have 21 countries
so why can't the Jews have just one ? "

I heard this argument so often in the sixties , already ,
so my answer was ready , short and unpleasant,
and that Dentist did not like it at all
and our relation/friendship /acquaintance survived only ,
those 12 minutes.... hardly.
Afterwards ,
each of us went his own way and we avoided each other
for the rest of the evening.
I hope that one day I will never have to sit on his chair......

If ever , some day ,you are exposed to
a Jewish-Dentist- with-Zionist- Convictions ,just like him ,
please note my answer to him:
" If you would have had 21 million Dollars in your bank account
would you allow me to steal one Million ??" (only because I would have none)
Money 4 Money 6 Safe

Therefore keep you eyes and ears well open
and let know when you will find such a wealthy one...
He has not to be specifically a Dentist,
but just to be , Jewish and Millionaire and Zionist.
(Easy to find !!)

Sherlock Sherlock Hommos
Who cannot refuse a Million

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