Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Israeli caught the Swine-Flu !!!

The driver has a 39 degree fever......

The Swine-Flu has reached Israel
since last week already..... ...
and the World is indifferently active somewhere else.
One Israeli is suspected of being infected by it
and the World is watching closely Mexico !!
This is a tragedy in the making,
history repeating itself !!
Indifference at a global-scale.
"Never again " should that happen!!
One Israeli-citizen is at risk
and yet in all bravery and persistence
he is working and not lying in a hospital bed........
indeed , he is working 8 hours a day
as he operates a Bulldozer in Jerusalem
where he is busy demolishing Palestinian homes.
And ironically the world-media does not mention
anything about his health......
Thousands of Palestinians are seeing their houses demolished
and no Media mentions the Flu this man has caught !!
There you have it !!
another example that Anti-semitism is on the rise.
Moustafa Roosenbloom
Rent-a-Bulldozer Ltd.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The first 100 days......
Bonaparte retreating from Moscow.

Barack Obama is celebrating ,today
his first 100 days....
in office

Husny Mubarak will soon celebrate
his first 100 years !!
in office.

Mahmoud Abbas is celebrating
his 100st.
in office

The UK , in Basrah , is celebration
its 100st.
retreat out , from an ex-colony

Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let us draw a line , symbolicaly....

anti-racism, anti-semitism
Israel did not come , at all....

I would like to go back in history
only for one week , ago......
to Geneva , at the Anti-Racism Conference.

President Ahmadinejad was about to start his speech
and then, at that precise moment ,
all 25 European Ambassadors/ delegates
stood up and walked out
let us call them Group A

more than 100 other delegates and Ambassador
remained and even started cheering up for President Ahmadinejad
let us call them Group B

It is needles to remind you that Group B
was more than 4 times bigger , than the Group A.

But I would like to put aside the size of any group
and concentrate rather on the historical-identity
of each Group.

If we draw a line between both of them
and have all Group A standing on one side
and place all the Group B , on the other side.

What do we establish inevitably and unavoidably
irrevocably and clearly ???
and most of all
symbolicaly !!

All nations , states and Kingdoms
who have had a racist-history
were in the Group A.

All Nations, States and Kingdoms
who have suffered from racism
were in Group B.

I have drawn my own conclusion
and request from each reader ,
to do the same.

Bearing in mind, an old proverb :
Once a whore , always a whore !!

Raja Chemayel

Monday, April 27, 2009

Zio-Racism , is not racism ????


The classical-racism. .....

Zio-racism.. ...

If Zionism is not racism,
then Ludwig van Beethoven was not a music-composer
and Albert Einstein was a Swiss-cheese- maker

If Zionism is not racism,
then Adolf Hitler was only executing "very-early- euthanasia"
and Genghis Khan applied "much-delayed- abortions"

If Zionism is not racism
then Darwin must have called Adam "grand-father"
and the world is not round....... but oval or triangular .

If Zionism is not racism,
then Cleopatra was a Greek-virgin- house-maid
and racism is a medical-plant.
If Zionism is not racism,
then the Panama-canal is connecting Switzerland to Zimbabwe
and Churchill invaded Poland to defend France from Cholera.
Hold on !!
Now I know why " Zionism is so clean and so innocent "
because it is practised by those who re-wrote the history
those who falsified the Bible
those legalised racism
and who impersonated the Israelites,
(if ever the Israelites existed).

Anyhow , Zionism is not racism
because ,
all the racist-cultures said so !!!

And by the way :
what would you call any idiology
that serves only one race ,exlusively,
at the cost and at the sufferings of another race ??

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some journalists are luckier...
Roxana a USA-spy !!
Sami a Truth-Spy !!

An American Journalist of Iranian origins
is jailed after been found guilty of espionage .

In theory,
she could be guilty or eventually be innocent .

But the fact is that tonight and for the next 8 years
she will be sleeping in a prison.

What is obvious is that all the western-Media' s
have mention this news immediately ,repeatedly
and very loudly...... ..

For the sake of honesty and objectivity
I must admit , that Iran might be wrong in its judgement
but one thing is sure this lady-journalist was
testing the patience of the Iranian-regime
and she has finally got her clear answer.....

I know about a lot of other journalists
who were only testing the credibility of the USA,
the last 5 years and they do not sleep in an Iranian Prison.
Some of them slept , rather, in a torture-camp
and others slept one-meter-under- the-ground. ...for ever.

My conclusion would be :
it is better for a Journalist
to be a USA-Spy
than a critic of the USA......

Sherlock Hommos
CEO , of critic-sans- frontiere

http://www.acapela. tv/good-old- times-bd724b5885 9d0.html