Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let us draw a line , symbolicaly....

anti-racism, anti-semitism

Israel did not come , at all....

I would like to go back in history
only for one week , ago......
to Geneva , at the Anti-Racism Conference.

President Ahmadinejad was about to start his speech
and then, at that precise moment ,
all 25 European Ambassadors/ delegates
stood up and walked out
let us call them Group A

more than 100 other delegates and Ambassador
remained and even started cheering up for President Ahmadinejad
let us call them Group B

It is needles to remind you that Group B
was more than 4 times bigger , than the Group A.

But I would like to put aside the size of any group
and concentrate rather on the historical-identity
of each Group.

If we draw a line between both of them
and have all Group A standing on one side
and place all the Group B , on the other side.

What do we establish inevitably and unavoidably
irrevocably and clearly ???
and most of all
symbolicaly !!

All nations , states and Kingdoms
who have had a racist-history
were in the Group A.

All Nations, States and Kingdoms
who have suffered from racism
were in Group B.

I have drawn my own conclusion
and request from each reader ,
to do the same.

Bearing in mind, an old proverb :
Once a whore , always a whore !!

Raja Chemayel

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