Saturday, January 19, 2008

The CIA chief ought to know better !!!

from the BBC-News:
The CIA has added its support to the view that a Pakistani militant,
Baitullah Mehsud, and al-Qaeda organised Benazir Bhutto's...

The CNN has issued a statistical survey done in Pakistan
about the suspicion the people of Pakistan has
on who might have killed Benazir Bhutto ??

1. Musharraf's Government secret services......47%
2. Al Quaiida affiliated group........................ ......17%
3. The CIA.............................................................. ......12%
4. Do not know................................................... ........24%

They did not ask me ,
because if they did , I would say that the first three groups
are all but one Group , obviously ,historically and logically too.

So my assessment would be: 76% for the USA
and 24% for the "Do not know"

And to support my educated guess ,
I remind you all that, according to the BBC, today ,
the chief of the CIA has named a suspected-Pakistani-person
who belongs the Al Qua'eeda......(see above)

Of course.........
the CIA-chief ought to know !!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
speaker for the "Do not know" movement .

PS :
Description of that suspect:
Brown-Male , black Hair , brown eyes,
long black beard and wears a white-turban.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Two ways to solve that problem.....

There are two ways
for to bring about Peace
in and around Palestine.

One way would be to repatriate all those European-
invaders-immigrants who came to colonialize our Palestine.
The same boats or planes that brought them ,
can take them is not that complicated.

The second way would be the completion of
the ethnic-cleansing of the Palestinian population.....
but this plan has started already , 60 years ago ....!
and it is still working now.....unfortunately.

I suggest we all opt for the first proposal
because it produces less crime and less victims
and most of all it is historically+politically correct..

Of course you may tell me that there must be a third-way....
which I doubt very much ,
because the Culture of Apartheid and the Tradition of Tolerance
cannot fit together....
and they never did ........unless one of them must disappear....

Raja Chemayel
choosing the lesser evil

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The victims of that dubious victim.....

the first victim
the mother of that next-victim
the grand-mother of today's "Terrorist"

Do not blame the victims of Israel
they never wanted a State of Israel.

The State of Israel has made far more victims,
than itself was ever (allegedly) made out of any other victims..... ..

Do not blame the victims , they never had any armies.
Do not blame the Arabs ,neither,
they never voted for any Israel,
France and England and the USA did......

Do not blame me ,
I only saw and counted the victims, in my home-town... ..
all my youth....... and all my life, too.

Do not blame the victims
because they do not equate to their oppressors
nor did they ever do the same deeds .

Do not blame that Terrorist, neither,
because they have left him no other choice !!

Blame that invader , he has started it !!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The death of a decoy......

A decoy-ambassador's-car in Beirut, is blown up
3 dead and 30 wounded
The Ambassador is safe...........and everybody-else is not.

It was in preparation to his Excellency's farewell party
and one decoy-car was sent to scout his route......

That Ambassador was having a reception at Hotel Phoenicia
where all the pro-government-parliamentarians resided
for security reasons, since months......

How appropriate was this *****Hotel
for such an appropriate party
with the appropriate guests !!

The Good-news is that this US-Ambassador is leaving Lebanon.

And the Bad-news is ,
that he shall be replaced by another US-Ambassador.

Until then ,
the Lebanese are blown up,
and the Ambassadors come and go !!!

Raja Chemayel
a Lebanese far from the Lebanon
and its Ambassadors.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The enemy of my enemy........

Zionism needs Judaism
Judaism is better off , without the Zionism

Zionism needs the Jews
The Jews are much safer without the Zionism

Zionism needed colonialism
Colonialism is a twin-brother of Zionism.

Zionism needed Imperialism
Imperialism is the Godfather of Zionism

Zionism needed the Holocaust
the Holocaust is much exploited by Zionism

Zionism needed the Anti-Semites
Anti-Semites are very satisfied with Zionism's result:
The State of Israel,
an international-dump-place
all the non-rich-Jews

Sherlock Hommos

Daniel and the lions

On January 12, 2008, after a concert in Ramallah, the Argentinian-born pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim declared that he had accepted honourary Palestian citizenship : “I hope that my new status will be an example of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence, I believe that the destinies of the Israeli people and the Palestinian people are inextricably linked.”
A stranger who came to Palestine
and acted like a guest
and not as an invader.

A stranger who behaved like a guest
A guest who behaved like someone who's welcom.

Daniel carried a Maestro-stick ,and not a gun,
and used his Maestro-stick against both sides
equally and fairly and harmoniously.

Music is the art of harmony
and a harmony is the art of the equilibrium
and the later is , the path to justice.

"Once in Rome do as the Romans"
and, once in Palestine, become a Palestinian !!

Daniel when thrown to the lions ,
became himself a lion !!

Tell me whom have you visited......?

" Tell me whom have you visited
and then
I shall tell you who you are ! "

a 21st Century Proverb Sherlock Hommos PhD.

First ,
George went to visit Israel which is composed of two parts:
the stolen and the occupied.... ...
and which has two kind of inhabitants:
the colonising-settlers and the occupied-oppressed .

Second :
George visited Kuwait , a private Enterprise owned
by a Sunni Dynasty established by Great Britain
to rule on a Shia Majority and to divide
the original-oil-wealth of Iraq......
Even "Kuwait" is an Iraqi-name derived from the city of Kut, in Iraq.

Third :
Bahrain , a Kingdom not bigger than 55 football fields
serving as a Banking-Tax- heaven for the "you-know-who"
and as a alcohol-intoxication-centre for the Saudi-middle-class.
No forgetting the a US Naval Base for horny-sailors. ......... ...

Fourth ,
The Emirates , a 1001 Nights Fairy Tale that came true,
Princes with a Magic Oil Lamp , called Petrol, and endless dreams.
The ruling class and the indigenous population are less than 10%
of the actual inhabitants' total.....
even the policemen are imported-labour !!
A shrine and a fortress for Multinationals and Capitalism
and for Tax-Evasions and off-shore paradise.
A recycling factory for international black money .
And of course , all the ruling Princes are ,
incidentally and accidentally, pro-West !!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , an absolute-monarchy
established under the consent of Queen Victoria,
without any parliament , without any constitution,
and never has had even any sort of elections.
A country owned by a King.......when Islam forbids any monarchy.

Conclusion :
George Bush has visited his friends in the Middle East.
George avoided Turkey and Egypt ,
either out of cowardliness or out of wisdom...... ....
but anyhow a clever move !!

Sherlock Hommos
Travel's planing expert.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mosques and the Light-houses

Today some European-citizens are complaining about
the erection of so many new Mosques everywhere in Europe
(and I guess that also in the USA or Australia those same
reservations and complaints are also heard.)

If I may concentrate on Europe only ,
I remember that six centuries ago those same Europeans
did not like to see the Synagogues being build everywhere.. ...
especially here in the Netherlands when the Jews of Spain
and the Jews Portugal ,have had to run away from
the Catholics' fires, to seek refuge among the more enlightened
Protestants- reformists.

Those Synagogues today are more European than the EU main head-offices
in Brussels and are an integral indivisible part of Europe,
regardless of the long history of Jewish-discrimination
and persecutions by the European-Christians ,
for what ever reasons there were , or were not !!

Two millennium ago the first Churches in Europe
were also not welcome at all !!
and were hidden in catacombs and in grotto's.... .
Christians were thrown to feed the Lions , in Rome
even before they build the first Church there.

I shall not live until the next century
and I wish that the European-Muslims in the year 2114
shall not mind any new-comers.. ..whoever it may be,
(as long as they will be also monotheists. )

And I fear not Islam....
it has a clean record of tolerance !!
Jews under Islam were never so safe than elsewhere
and Christians under Islam have had nothing
sizeable to complain about ........

And anyhow ..........
only the tolerance survives history
and the contrary of it , is self-destructive and ugly .
Ask Adolf or Ariel....... !!

The Mosques of today's Europe
are the lighthouses of tomorrow's Europe.

Raja Chemayel
living in Europe

Sunday, January 13, 2008

8000 security officers......

were those rifles , at all, loaded ??

I hear that 8.000 security officers and agents
are mobilised to protect George Bush's visit
in the Stolen Land ....!!!

My God !!
how many would have been necessary
if ever George would visit Beirut ??
18.000 ??.......... or 80.000 ??

No problem for an eventual Iraq visit
because , George has already there :
150.000 GI's
30.000 surge GI's
4.500 British-lap- dogs
93.472 Mercenaries called , Contractors.
1.554 Israeli "interior-decorator s"
and about a total of 2.449 other Coalition of the Willing-Puppets

Give me 8.000 soldiers
and I can even start a war , anywhere !!
and would probably win it , too !!

Hezbollah has won a war from Israel , twice,
with only 3,320 soldiers !!

8.000 security agents needed in the only democraty in the ME......???
8.000 security agents needed in the biggest
and at greatest friend of the USA ....???

How may soldiers will then George need
when visiting in Iran ???? soon.

Sherlock Hommos
Military annalist