Saturday, April 25, 2009

A funeral we shall never see........

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Jokes, which are true, hurt the most.....
they are called : Irony

In the last two year I wrote three times to enquire about
what has happened to the funerals
of the General Ariel Sharon.

My theory (or rather, my accusation) was that he is
such a dirty figure in the dirty history of Israel
that even the Israelis would like to forget him
and also they would like the world to forget him
and all the massacres and genocides he has done.

Probably , it is so , that to forget Ariel Sharon
is to forget and to hide also,
the ugliness of the State of Israel .

My guess is that Sharon already died and he was buried
and no one came to the funerals.... .
or because no one would have come, to his funerals,
it was done secretly .......
whereas his son and his dog , have attended, only.

I might be right or I might be wrong ,
but no one showed us his funerals-pictures
and nobody showed us him in his sick-bed.

I guess that Sharon is the true face of Israel
and any state-funeral , would be bad reminder....

Raja Chemayel
25 April 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Torture by the hands of a Democracy
is like a crime done by Angels !

Water-boarding ,
is today's most practised way of Torture
by the USA-secret-services ....
although there is nothing secret about it .

But please rest assured that Al Qaa'eeda and Hamas ,
(although they have nothing in common),
both , do not (and did not) use this method.

For two reasons :

1- where they both are , water is so scarce
and so valuable.

2- Both have no prisoners... ....
except one lonely Gilat Shalit who is a guest in Gaza
but nonetheless Gilat gets his water , only for drinking.

which is better than many other people in Gaza ,
who do not have drinking water .

Jesus shall also show up in Gaza,
as soon as,
there is enough water to walk on !!!

In the meantime ,
the Pope is requested to visit Gaza
because, he needs not so much water.....
as Jesus.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Aquatic-Torturologi st

PS :
the exception is Mahmoud Abbas
who shall need to borrow that Water from Nathiniahu
for such an eventual operations
....... as Waterboarding.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please name the best top three.....

in Amsterdam the customers are told
that Shawarma and Falafel are Israeli-dishes

Please name the best top-three
Arab leaders

1- El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
2- President Hugo Shavez
3- President Ahmadinejad

Please name the best three

1- Benjamin Nathaniahu
2- President Obama
3- Husny Mubarak

Please name the best three Arab-servants of imperialism

1- Nouri al Maliki
2- King Abdullah ( the fat )
3- King Abdullah (the short)

Please name the top three Israeli-dishes

1- Hommos
2- Falafel
3- Shawarma

you see !!
when it comes to the political-honesty, (or disshonesty)
the national identity, does not count anymore .

Eng Moustafa Roosenbloom
half-human and half-Zionist

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The irony of the Anti-Racists
do you see any difference ??

Many organisations are fighting against
Racism and Anti-Semitism
are those two different and distinct entities ??

Why ??

Anti-Semitism not Racism ??
are Semites not a Race ??
Semites are a "special-race" ??
those called Semites are not semites , at all ??
therefore not a race .....

Hitler's friends called them Semites
but actually they were a mixture of Ashkenazim ,
Slavonic, Nordic, Germanic ,Turkmanic.. ...
anything else , but not Semites !!!

It is like a law which would claim to be
anti-Crime and anti-Rape
as if rape were not a crime....!!
or a spray, being
anti-insects and anti-mosquito' s....!!

My personal opinion is that
those calling themselves Semites
are not semites
and those calling themselves
were themselves , once ,
those cultures and civilisations
that have
practised racism and have benefited of it.

And the irony of this all ,
is that those" today's semites " are issued
from those cultures and those civilisations
were the racists , the last 500 years !!!

And finally ,

what if ??
a semite becomes a racist ??
what if ??
a semites became racists and established
the Stae of Israel ??
what if ??
a semite became racist and established
the Stae of Israel , and is still discrimating
his own victims ???

Shall we not dare to call them racists ,
only because they are semites ???

Shall we not dare to call him racist ,
only because he is semites,
and his accuser is a Iranian
who would like to build Atom-energy ??

Ahmadinejad is not an Anti-Semite ,
his grand-father the Emperor of Persia
released the Jews from the captivity in Babylon,
remember ??

Raja Chemayel
holding a mirror at the West

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say " Orange Juice" instead........

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN anti-racism conference, 20 April 2009

The man who called a spade , a spade !!

I would humbly, and with all the due respect
request from President Ahmadinejad
to be more careful when he mentions
about a racist-regime and a racist-ideology
during a conference on Racism , itself....
he should call Racism : "Orange Juice"
in order not to offend the racists themselves
nor the friends of the racists, too .

Indeed , Israel did not attend
but the friends of that racist-Israel
were attending that conference
and they walked-out of the meeting
a soon as , President Ahmadinejad
spoke about racism and Zionism- Israel.

About a dozen of European delegates
left the room as a sign of protest :
Probably those "white-asses" did not want
to hear somebody naming the racist during
a conference of racism....

The irony remains that a person like Ahmadinejad
is a descendant of a Persian Shah who once
freed all the Jews from captivity in Babylon.
And Ahmadinejad belongs to a religion that
forbids racism and that demand from the beleivers
to protect the Jews (and the Christians too)

While ,
those 12 European delegates are descendants
of the cultures and civilisations that discriminated
and burned the Jews from the year 0060 up to 1945.

While ,
all those 12 European delegates are from
a multitude of christian-churches who
never accepted Judaism and also
used to burn the Jews alive , too.

While ,
all those 12 European delegates represent
all the nations that from the 15Th century up to now
have colonialised and enslaved two-third of the Globe.

Here we are , at the summit of hypocrisy :
During a conference on Racism ,
the Racist cannot be named !!

Therefore ,
and to please those who invented
and practised racism for the last 500 years,
I beg of President Ahmadinejad
not to mention "Israel" anymore
....and just say : Orange Juice.
(or orange Jews !)

Raja Chemayel
anti-racist, anti-zionist, anti-colonialism

The recycling of the Holocaust
Chatilla Camp 1982

a UN-Conference on Racism

you are not allowed to criticise
nor to identify the racists.

the recycled-racist- nations

have protested and walked out
those who stayed
and listened to the truth

the recycled-victims- of-racism.

Does this not
symbolically ,
give you an idea
about this conference ??

On the Day they insisted
on remembering the Holocaust
those who did it
give us now the lessons,
and those who never done it
are blamed
by those
who are presently doing
their own Holocaust
in Palestine .


PS :
the full text of President Ahmadinejad
< http://news. go/em/fr/ -/2/hi/middle_ east/8010747. stm >

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is still left over to be called "Racism" ?????
Brown-Palestinian fleeing
from the White-Jews .
in 1948

There is today a UN international conference on Racism
in Geneva , Swisserland
which is about to re-declare that Zionism is racism.

You will not be surprised if I would tell you that
the United Sates of America and the State of Israel
shall not attend and nor agree on its final resolution.

It is worth remembering how the USA was founded
because should you ask my opinion, I would say
" the White-man robbed the Red-man from his country
while the Black-man build a new country
for the White-man "

(does it not sound familiar ??)

As for Israel I would say :
"White-Jew robbed the Brown-Arabs from their country
while later the Brown-and-Black-jews
build a wall around it "

(does is not sound realistic ??)

Racism has no colour ,
but it happens that the White-colour
"gets dirty" very often....... .and very fast too.

In 1977 the UN general assembly has already declared
"Zionism is a form of racism"
but in 1992 George (Papa) Bush managed to retract this resolution.

I , personally , would like to ask all of you :
" If Zionism were not to be racism,
then what is still left over to be called: racism ?? "
Israel is not only "The only Democracy"
it is rather
"The only racist-regine in the Middle East"

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, April 19, 2009


An Arab-Church
where the beleivers pray
the one and only
and same Allah.

It is Easter Sunday for the orthodox-churches
my congratulations !!
Al Massieh Qaam !!

Never mind that the other-christian- churches
have celebrated Eastern-Sunday one week before.

We Christians cannot agree on any date
among our own-co-Christians- fellow :

not even the Birth date of Jesus !!
not even if he married or not !!
not even if he has had brothers or not !!
and my own father , who was a pastor ,
refused to recognise that
Jesus turned the Water into Wine....

We Christians still have to agree
first of all
on the identity of Jesus !!

Never mind ... !!

in-spite of all the confusions and misinterpretations
in our Bible ,
we still consider ourselves as "one".

Never mind !! again

I know that some Jews who are no "jews" ,
and yet they even called themselves Jews.

Some people chose to call themselves "the chosen"
when nobody has chosen them
except Baron Rottchild
and Theodor Herzel.

Some people call themselves Semites
just to profit from anti-semitism.

Some people pretend to be the "chosen"
just to be able to chose , if they shall
rob Akka or rob Haifa.

Why to argue ?? why to fight ??
Jesus came and left
regardless which date it was !!!

Why to argue ?? why to fight ??
If there were a "promised-land"
this Land was, already delivered once
and then lost , again.....
so that " promise " was consumed !!

When we Christians and our brothers the Muslims
are waiting for the return of Jesus
we better be careful, this time.

Let us all wait until Nathaniahu and his people
go back to Brooklyn , first
and only then , when ,
Mr. Ismaiil Hanniyah
takes the place of Herodus
Jesus may came back, safely !!