Monday, April 20, 2009

What is still left over to be called "Racism" ?????
Brown-Palestinian fleeing
from the White-Jews .
in 1948

There is today a UN international conference on Racism
in Geneva , Swisserland
which is about to re-declare that Zionism is racism.

You will not be surprised if I would tell you that
the United Sates of America and the State of Israel
shall not attend and nor agree on its final resolution.

It is worth remembering how the USA was founded
because should you ask my opinion, I would say
" the White-man robbed the Red-man from his country
while the Black-man build a new country
for the White-man "

(does it not sound familiar ??)

As for Israel I would say :
"White-Jew robbed the Brown-Arabs from their country
while later the Brown-and-Black-jews
build a wall around it "

(does is not sound realistic ??)

Racism has no colour ,
but it happens that the White-colour
"gets dirty" very often....... .and very fast too.

In 1977 the UN general assembly has already declared
"Zionism is a form of racism"
but in 1992 George (Papa) Bush managed to retract this resolution.

I , personally , would like to ask all of you :
" If Zionism were not to be racism,
then what is still left over to be called: racism ?? "
Israel is not only "The only Democracy"
it is rather
"The only racist-regine in the Middle East"

Sherlock Hommos

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