Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viva Zapata !!
Emilio Zapata
Ismail Hanniah of Mexico

I was in the Metro of Amsterdam
where I met a Mexican-tourist. ...
a young man of 23 or 25 years
and we have had a chat........ .
and then I told him :
Viva Zappata !!

he smiled to me and said :
Sorry....... .
I am not a football fanatic !!

We are in the 21st Century
and there is , at least ,one Mexican
who does not know who is Zappata !!
and I met the Amsterdam Metro
which has only one line and only 3 stations !!!

I wish this young man would go on his next holidays,
in the slums of Beirut or into Gaza.......
then he would learn who and what Zappata , was .

Raja Chemayel
we need more Zappatas !!
like Morales and Chavez.

The tale of two Ambassadors

The tale of two ambassadors
both have represented the PLO,
which means that they represent the Palestinian Nation.

The first Ambassador based in Poland
has had a reception made in honour of the Israeli Ambassador
who was leaving Poland.
Which means that the cakes and the champagne was paid by
the Palestinian national budget and of course it means that
the Palestinians are happy and satisfied by the behaviour of
the Government of that Israeli Ambassador.
You may judge here the diplomatic-conseque nces of such
a party-reception- invitation.

1000 Miles away, in Moscow , a second Palestinian Ambassador
Mr. Afifi Saffieh has attended a popular meeting ,
without champagne and without cakes , which was in support of Gaza
and which was obviously organised by the Hamas supporters, in Moscow.

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas being what he is.....
( no details needed here)
was angry at Mr. Afif Safieh and has fired him .

I know Mr. Saffieh , personally , who was (our) the Palestinian Ambassador
here in the Hague (1987) and I would like to confirm that when it comes
to diplomatic-represen tation and to diplomatic-skills
and education in general
, Mr. Abbas does not fit to become
the " Tea-boy " to Mr. Saffieh .

Of course I do not know Mr. Abbas , personally ,
but what I have seen and heard gives me a clear picture
about Abou Mazen (Mr. Abbas) when I can compare the two
personalities .

Mr. Affif Safieh is even fit to become Palestine's next foreign-minister,
should my opinion count......

But things being what they are , and corruption , nepotism,
opportunism and decay , all being so well implanted in Ramallah ,
those two incidents ( if not two accidents) have had to happen.

Mr. Affif Safieh would make any Amabssador jealous
which is no surprise why even the AIPAC insisted on having him
being removed from Washington , last year........

It is high time for Mr. Abbas to leave and to ask for asylum
in Washington or in Tel Aviv and to let the "good-guys" do their work.

Raja Chemayel
Amsterdam 28.03.09

My friend Affif .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2.500 armed-policemen

Some 2.500 to 3.000 Policemen were yesterday present
in Umm Al Fahhm
an all-Arab-small- town inside the State of Zion.
Some two hundred Israeli-far- right-extremist
were demonstrating
in Umm Al Fahhm to confirm
their very own Jewish-supremacy.

The demonstration was legal and licensed
therefore the 3.000 policemen were present.

Which means an average of 10 policemen
for to protect each Israeli-demonstrato r.

Palestine was stolen 60 years ago
and re-baptised as the state of Israel.

70% of the Palestinians were thrown out
and the 30% which stayed home are now
unwelcome and discriminated , to say the least.

As a matter of fact , some Israelis would like even to send
them out also , which is Ethnic-cleansing .....but it is called
nowadays the "Jews-only-State" .

Nothing new in this story , except that those demonstrators
did not wear weapons , as usual , but they brought along
3.000 policemen (with weapons !! of course )

I do not know , what to comment here ?? but , if you give me 3.000 policemen , I shall paralise ,terrorise and scare even the whole of
or Shanghay !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Police-terrorism- contractor

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh !! Bama

Drawing by Ben Heine

If you though that Hollywood ends-up in Los Angles
think again...
If you thought that George W. Bush has retired back in his ranch
think again.....

If you are thinking again.......
and you have realised that the "Show goes on"
you are on the right track.

G.W.Bush gave them 700 Billions
Oh !! Bama gives them 500 Billions

Oh !! Bama took 17.000 Bush-Soldiers out of Iraq
only to add them into Afghanistan !!

G.W.B has had a Black-witch ,
travelling around the world for him
but , Oh ! Bama , has a White-witch .

"The banks are getting rich,
and the Rich are getting richer"
Israel used to bomb us openly,
but now they forbid the reporters !!
Iran and Syria used to be in the Axis of Evil ,
but now,
they are in tha Axis of the (fruitless) dialogues.

Monday, March 23, 2009


The world of finance
one finds two paradoxical terms :
Junk-Bonds andToxic-Asset

Both are valid on the market
and any idiot deals with them
they are bought and sold regularly and legally .

I know what Junk is , and I know what Bond is too,
Toxic means " very harmful" and an Asset is
no more an asset when it is toxic....
and a Bond is worthless when it is Junk !!

I do not dare to blame G.W.Bush for this Toxic-Junk
but Mr. Obama is trying nowadays to sell it back to us !!
or rather to the American public.

Capitalism is capable of many absurdities
and American-Capitalism beats all records.

Another absurd American-invention ,was
Evangelical- Zionists
and or

How can an Asset be Toxic
and how can a Christian be Zionist ???
If zZionist, a christian is no more a christian
if Toxic , an Asset is worthless , therefore no more an asset !!

Think of it !!

and then change the dictionary
or change America !!

Raja Chemayel

How Palestinians retaliate

They say that

"a picture is worth 1000 words"

I say :

a caricature is worth a whole Book !!

Raja Chemayel

I cannot draw, so I try to write......