Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh !! Bama

Drawing by Ben Heine

If you though that Hollywood ends-up in Los Angles
think again...
If you thought that George W. Bush has retired back in his ranch
think again.....

If you are thinking again.......
and you have realised that the "Show goes on"
you are on the right track.

G.W.Bush gave them 700 Billions
Oh !! Bama gives them 500 Billions

Oh !! Bama took 17.000 Bush-Soldiers out of Iraq
only to add them into Afghanistan !!

G.W.B has had a Black-witch ,
travelling around the world for him
but , Oh ! Bama , has a White-witch .

"The banks are getting rich,
and the Rich are getting richer"
Israel used to bomb us openly,
but now they forbid the reporters !!
Iran and Syria used to be in the Axis of Evil ,
but now,
they are in tha Axis of the (fruitless) dialogues.

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