Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some call it " Jihad " for the survivor.
"Post traumatic stress syndromes"
is an illness which many US Soldiers, in peculiar,
and even all other western soldiers do suffer after
their missions in Afghanistan and or in  Iraq.....
Needless to say that also Israeli-soldiers
do suffer the same after their contact with
the southern-Lebanese
and of course with the occupied-Palestinians.
It is basically a "crises of one own conscience"
a kind of "self-generated-guilt-feeling"
and you may correct me , if you wish....
What is very obvious,and remarkable,
is the fact that :
the Talibans
never do suffer from the above disease (syndrome)
or at least we never hear of it.
which leads me to only two conclusions :
1- Freedom-fighters have no conscience
2- Freedom-fighters have a clean-conscience.
I am convinced by the second conclusion
which allows me to say :
A war of liberation is the only (legal) acceptable-war !!
Some call it , Jihad..... !!
others call it Revolution or Liberation
and I call it a Duty !!
Raja Chemayel

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The only-racist-democracy the Middle Esat
Israelis are only racists ,
when it only suits them....

When a man is 100% faithful only to his own mistress,
and not to his wife ........
can we consider him as an  honest-man  ??

When Israel is 100% democratic only with its own Jewish-citizens
and not with its Arab-indegenous-citizens. ......
can we consider Israel as an honest-democracy ??

fore , we should no more call Israel :
"The only democracy in the Middle East"

but rather call it :
"The only racist-democracy in the Middle East "

Sherlock Hommos
also racist ,but only when buying a dog.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The inconvienent Truth
When Syria was no more their-favourite- suspect
they started accusing Hezbollah

Rafik El Harriri was murdered
by someone who hated Lebanon and Syria.

The world press-media could not find but one suspect
and so did I......
the difference was that the world-media thought it were Syria
but, yours truly , always said it is the State of Zion ,
or one of its manipulated- puppets.

A very expensive Court House was build here in the Hague
not far from my office...... ....only to take away our parking spaces !!
But this Court was just to scare Syria
and to threaten the only Arab regime
still facing the Zionist-tumour, in our midst.

Otherwise for nothing practical !!
except to direct the spot lights on Syria
while the Sate of Zion remains unsuspected, unbleached
and hypocritically standing on the side lines .

My most favourite Hero,  El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
has presented this week the most plausible and most logical
evidences of an Israeli guilt....... ...

Remains now to see what the Western-world does
when this Truth becomes inconvenient  !!

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One introduced it .....and....the other used it !!

The Palestinians
discovered Terrorism

only after that the  Israelis
have previously introduced it .

Raja Chemayel