Friday, December 7, 2007

He who has lied once......

Me and the Holocaust.

I have only an average-knowledge about the Second World War
and also an average-insight on the Judeo-European History.
I know what I was told and what I have read.

I have lived four decades in Europe among Europeans
Jews and non-Jews , nothing special, nothing outstanding.

What I know quiet well is , that the Zionist-Jews
have lied completely about their origins and that they are
no way genetically connected to the Jews of the Bible,
which was the basis of their claim to the Land of Palestine .

More so , they lied about the Holy-scriptures,
simply by misinterpreting them to their own
colonial advantages and greed .

Last but not least they lied about the History of Palestine
and lied about the non- existence of the Palestinians.

What I know even much more is that the Israeli-Zionists
lied about each and every wars they have fought
against their Arab-neighbours.
In all those cases they were the aggressors
and called themselves the aggressed
(except 1973 which was anyhow the result of 1967)

Knowing that Israelis have lied about their real-Identity
and they have lied about all their seven-aggression-wars
therefore I would not be surprise if they would not have lied
also about the Holocaust , also .

I cannot prove it
and I do not want to prove it
nor do I not have to prove it
what I know already is more than enough.

Besides that ,
if and when the Holocaust did really happen
we Arabs did not take part in it .

But ,he who has lied once ..... !! is a liar

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The only tragedy in the Middle East

A Third-World-Dictator is blamed
for being a dictator
only when he does not agree with the West.

A Tyrant is excused only if and when
he follows
the instructions of the White-house

A Despot is tolerated and cherished
especially when
his guide-book is printed in the Pentagon.

How many allies of the USA never
have had an election ?
and how many never lost any election ??

How many Nuclear power plants
are in peaceful-hands
and who defines the word ...............peaceful ??

How many times Israel aggressed its neighbours
and how many times Israel has
massacred its own occupied population ??

How many UN Resolutions
were used as toilet-papers
by the Israeli Government ??

Do you know of any UN-Resolution which was accepted
or recognised or implemented by Israel ??

And finally how many regimes are called :
"The only Democracy in the Middle East" ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to bomb an intention ?? كيف تقصف النية؟؟؟

The Shah of Persia
when Iran was not Evil
nor Terrorist.
شاه فارس
عندما لم تكن إيران تمثل الشر ولم تكن إرهابية

Seven (wise) information's and intelligence agencies in the US
have declared that Iran has stopped its Nuclear programs
in 2003, already .

Meaning that, today, (end of) 2007 ,
Iran has no Nuclear Program
or otherwise ,
meaning that in 2003 Iran once has had it........
(all depending on whom you may ask)

George W. Bush Bush faces a dilemma today :
must he bomb Iran because it has, once, had it , in 2003 ??
must he bomb Iran because it may later have it ,
once again ??

Must the USA punish Iran for its previous intentions ??
or to bomb Iran for its future intentions ??
although those intentions have obviously changed ,
at least for once !!

It is not easy being a US President
and more difficult being a US-Idiot-President
not to mention, the most difficult-hypocritical-task
of being a Zionist-serving-US-President-idiot.......!

It's all the fault of Iran , itself,
it should have kept its Shah Pahlavi in power
and then nobody would have minded its Nuclear-program
or rather , its Nuclear-sin.

Remains the question whether an intention is already a sin ,
or not,
and whether the same sin is allowed to others ????

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Fifth of December 2007

سبعة وكالات (حكماء) معلوماتية وتجسسية في الولايات المتحدة...
أعلنوا بأن إيران أوقفت برنامجها النووي...
في عام 2003..........

أو.... ما يعني أنها، أي إيران..... لا تملك منهاج عمل ننوي،
ما يعني أنه في عام 2003 وفي أحد الأيام كانت إيران تملك مثل هذا البرنامج..................
(على كل هذا يعتمد على من تسأل!!!)

جورج بوش الابن اليوم يواجه معضلة!!!
هل، في هذا الحال، يتوجب علية، أن يقصف إيران... لأنها كانت تملك...
في يوم من الأيام... وفي عام 2003 مثل هذا البرنامج؟؟؟
أو ....
عليها أن يقصف إيران لأنها قد تملكها في يوم من الأيام؟؟؟؟
أو أن تعود لتملكها في يوم من الأيام القادمة؟؟؟

هل على الولايات المتحدة معاقبة إيران على خطيئة نواياها السابقة أو الغابرة؟؟؟؟
أو أن تقصف إيران على نواياها المستقبلية؟؟؟
مع أن هذه النوايا كما يبدوا تبدلت!!!!
على أقل تعديل لمرة واحدة؟؟؟؟

الخطأ.... هو خطأ إيران... إيران بذاتها...
كان عليها إن تبقي شاهها، رضا بلهوي، في السلطة!!!
عندها فإن لا أحد كان ليهتم ببرنامجها الننوي..........!!!!!!!
أو بالحري.... خطيأتها النووية!!!!!

وفي النهاية: يبقى السؤال... هل إن النية بحد الذات...
تصبح خطيئة أو لا؟؟؟
وهل أن الخطيئة ذاتها التي تعدت طور النية واقترفت ممسوحة للغير... وتغتفر لهم؟؟؟!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From Oslo to Annapolis

What are the differences between
the Oslo Agreements
and (the probable)
Annapolis Agreements ??

Oslo made out of an exiled-President
named Yasser Arafat, an occupied-President
who was later locked in a cellar and poisoned.

And Annapolis shall make out of Mahmoud Abbas
that occupied-President , a new occupied-hostage-President,
who shall not be poisoned..........if he behaves well.

Only Ismail Hannyah shall remain as an
without even bothering to visit Annapolis !!
and without the poison of the peace-illusions...

"Peace is an illusion
which occurs to those who ignore
the true nature of Israel"

Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 3, 2007

The business of undressing the Generals

Pakistan has now a President-General
who has taken off his uniform.

Lebanon , very soon,
will have also a President-General
who shall also take off his uniform.

In the first case Dr. Condi Rice was very pleased
and in the second case , I do not know much
what Condolisa will say or do ??
It all depends what this uniform is hiding !!

This tough-Lady is in the business of undressing Generals

But she forgot in the past to undress
many Latin-American- Generals
and many African Generals
and many Far-East-Generals
and Colonels ,like Qaddafi ,did not have to undress
and Colonel Oliver North was never asked to take if off
and General Pinochet was never asked to undress
and Hugo Chavez took off his uniform without asking her
and I start now suspecting that the USA and Condi
are applying the Double-standard' s-procedures everywhere
and in all the cases....... even with Generals.
(the Colonels do not have to undress !)

As for undressing the military , I am not against it,
but Condi ought to undress the whole of the Pentagon ,first.

DR. Rice is hereby elected as
the "Amazon of the Year 2007"

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do not ask.......

Do not ask the Crusaders' grandchildren
to condemn Zionism.....for robbing Palestine

Do not ask the Anti-Semite-Civilisations
to take their own Jewish-populations back.

Do not ask the European Churches
which barbecued the Jews 1000 years
to criticise the State of Zion.......
for using the Napalm Bombs .

Do not ask those civilisations which conquered
and colonised this globe ,
to criticise any Israeli Settlers.

Do not ask those who robbed and killed
Chief Sitting Bull , to demand from Israel
to return back the occupied Lands,

And finally ,
do not ask me to blame those children
throwing stones on any Israeli Bulldozer.

Raja Chemayel