Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amnesia , taylor-made

it sends a Missile 30km away
with a 15 cm accuracy

Nobody thought that Prime Minister Hariri
could have been blown-up by a rocket-missile
fired from any Helicopter from a distance.

Nobody used his imagination ,
as to who could have done this........ ....and how ?
They all agreed on " a road-side-bomb " by Syria.

No Sir !!
" It was Syria " they said , and it suits to Israel
and suits to the USA and especially to Chirac's France.

Case closed !! .......they said .....
then they brought in
the UN-security- council to legalise this allegation
then they manipulate the Media
and then they bought the best witnesses... the market.

Israel bombs Beirut in summer 2006
Israel bombs a Syrian orange-juice- factory
and calls it an Atomic-reactor , in 2007
Israels bombs and starves Gaza , in 2008 .

But everybody forgot Rafik El Hariri
and everybody forgot ,
that there was never a funeral for Ariel Sharon !!
and everybody forgot ,
the Road Map of George Bush , that took us to nowhere
and everybody forgot that
the Taliban's chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan
and everybody forgot,
that Iraq never has had Weapons of Mass Destruction
and everybody forgot ,
to forget the Holocaust !! ............ ....or Darfour !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
General-Secretary of Amnesia-International

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sorry !! No Change !!

Barrack Obama said often enough :
"Yes we can,,,,change"
" A Change...we believe in "

And , what has happened immediately after his election ??

He did not change the Secretary of Defence
He shall not change anything to the Israelo-Arab conflict
He brought back the same (Mrs) Clinton to the White-house
He brought back the same "Chief-of -Staff" too.
He shall take soldiers out of Iraq , into the same Afghanistan.
He might close Guantanamo only to re-open Alcatraz .

I am afraid to tell you ,
that the only changes would be rather "skin-deep" ,
like for example, the colour of the skin
of the President of the USA........
Or another Puppy in the rose-garden of the White-house

I bet you ,
Obama even shall not change that "Road-Map"
when travelling in the Middle East......

Sorry !!!! but no change......

Sherlock Hommos
keep the change !!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Mumbai Chicken with Rice

The Mumbai Chicken with Dr. Rice

Dr. Condi Rice went today to Mumbai to visit the victims
and to assess the damages.

Assuming it was the CIA that has done the massacre ,
then Dr. Rice would be a hypocrite.

Assuming that the Mossad has done it ,
then Dr. Rice would be half-a-hypocrite, only.
Assuming that the Pakistani Secret Agency did it
then Dr. Rice would still be a 45% hypocrite.

Assuming that it were ,indeed, Muslim-extremists , who did it,
then Dr. Rice would be now, simply, a scared-chicken.
(Like , Rice+chicken or like a Chicken with Rice)

Regadless to what Dr.Rice ought to be ,or ought to become,
the attack on Mumbai has produced nothing towards justice
nor towards peace ,nor towards liberation of anything , anywhere.
......... .it has again done harm to the image of Islam ,
in the eyes of the naives........and there are a lot , around, on this planet.

Talking about the naives of this world ,
I would like to note that that Jewish-Center in Mumbai
was treating Israeli-Soldiers ,
who have just finished their military service.....
That "Jewish" psyco-center tried to make out of those Soldiers,
human-beings again....... ..eventualy !

A kind of rehabilation- center or a recycling-center
for Israeli-soldiers who have spend three years
shooting on olive-tree-farmers
or shooting at school-children. ....
if not driving a Bulldozer above peace-activists.

If that center reopens again , maybe Dr. Rice ,herself,
would remain in it to confess and to wach-away all her sins.....
and I am sure she has a lot of washing to do.......
and such a center is already used in dealing with war-crimiminals.

Raja Chemayel
a rehabilitation- helper... if helping helps !!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Black is beautiful , while White is careful.

Let us suppose that Obama is black,
so what does a colour has to do with politics ??

Let us suppose that Obama is a Democrat,
so what does it help when Democrat
is written with a capital-D ??

Let us not rejoice that Obama was born-Muslim ,
so what does it help when see that Anwar El Saddat
was born also a Muslim ?? and the Shah too !!

Let us not forget that ,Obama is only half-black
and a Democrat with a big "D"
which is not necessarily a small "d".

So Obama would be now :
a " half-black-member- of-the-Democrati c-party"
who has won the elections thanks to 453 Million-Dollars
which he now has to pay back in "favours" to his donors ,
during the next 4 years....... .
That will be 30,75 Millions each year
which is, 85.417 Dollars each day
which are 3.560 each hour....
provided Obama does not sleep.
(otherwise ,it will be, 7.280 per hour)

It will be more relevant to us ,
to find out , who the donors were ??
do they want for that money ??
what have they bought for 453 millions ??

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom
a Pessimist-Obamologue

Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you remember the Rambo films ??

where is the ammunition's belt ??

Do you remember the Rambo films ??
with Sylvester Stallone who was running and shooting
all those ugly and mean Vietnamese-Communists ??

Did you notice that Rambo never had ammunition's for his guns
and yet he won all the battles ??
because he was sent by the CIA , as you recall
and CIA makes wonders....I say !!

Do you remember the very recent Mumbai "film " ??
Without any Rambo , this time , but with only 10 Terrorists.
Only 10 Terrorists attacked 8 different targets,simultaneously
and killed 193 persons and wounded 300 others.........
and resisted to a 650 strong police-force........
and not to forget that , they even have had time to assassinated
the Chief-Police-officer of, nobody less than, the Anti-Terror-Brigade.

What a film !!
Bollywood has surpassed Hollywood !!

And I bet you that those 10 Terrorists,
must have at least needed and carried with them
at least 2 tons of ammunitions
and 50 kilos of food and drinks for those three long 3 days

What a film !!...Rambo must be jealous by now !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
film-critic on the critical-details

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"An American in Mumbai"

the Rabi I trust...

When you realise that among the victims of Mumbai
the Hindu are the majority of casualties ,when in theory it should
have been aimed against Americans,British and Israelis.... .

When you realise that more Germans have died than
the Britishers and the Americans together ,
you shall wonder if those so called Terrorist do know
how to read a passport or not.
Or , better than that, if ever this action were what it was supposed to be ??

Those Terrorist succeeded in Killing the Chief officer
of the Anti-Terrorism brigade....and missed everybody else !!

Never mind any logic,
and please , keep on reading between my lines :

The Synagogue which was attacked , has had an American Rabi
As if India could not provide its own Rabi
or , as if a Jewish-Indian- community needs an American Rabi

Last year , in Prague , where my in-laws live , there was an American Rabi
who came to order the transfer of the Historic-Jewish- Library of Prague ,
into Israel. The Jews of Prague refused and insisted that such a library
is Czech-Jewish and not Israeli-Jewish. .......later that Rabi was sent home
which is the USA and not Israel.

Back to Mumbai...... ...
what is an American Rabi doing in an Indian city
among Indian Jews ?? is Judaism being Americanised ???
like when 60 years ago Judaism was Zionised !!??

I do not know precisely .....just keep on reading between my lines,
you might catch it before I do .........

Nevertheless an American Rabi in India seems odd,
knowing that the Jews of India all originated from Iraq
on the day when there was no America on the Map.

What is an American Rabi with a Yiddish name doing in India ??
when even the British-colonialist s have all left it
and gave it back to the lawful owners.

I really cannot explain his role , nor do I understand why would
any Terrorist kill a Rabi , because I am used to see Terrorists
killing oppressors and invaders and occupiers.
Therefore I must conclude that the Rabi was killed for being an American
before being a Rabi......yes, but that is only speculations.

When you finish reading between the lines ,
let me know what your thoughts are .

Sherlock Hommos
a curious person