Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Mumbai Chicken with Rice

The Mumbai Chicken with Dr. Rice

Dr. Condi Rice went today to Mumbai to visit the victims
and to assess the damages.

Assuming it was the CIA that has done the massacre ,
then Dr. Rice would be a hypocrite.

Assuming that the Mossad has done it ,
then Dr. Rice would be half-a-hypocrite, only.
Assuming that the Pakistani Secret Agency did it
then Dr. Rice would still be a 45% hypocrite.

Assuming that it were ,indeed, Muslim-extremists , who did it,
then Dr. Rice would be now, simply, a scared-chicken.
(Like , Rice+chicken or like a Chicken with Rice)

Regadless to what Dr.Rice ought to be ,or ought to become,
the attack on Mumbai has produced nothing towards justice
nor towards peace ,nor towards liberation of anything , anywhere.
......... .it has again done harm to the image of Islam ,
in the eyes of the naives........and there are a lot , around, on this planet.

Talking about the naives of this world ,
I would like to note that that Jewish-Center in Mumbai
was treating Israeli-Soldiers ,
who have just finished their military service.....
That "Jewish" psyco-center tried to make out of those Soldiers,
human-beings again....... ..eventualy !

A kind of rehabilation- center or a recycling-center
for Israeli-soldiers who have spend three years
shooting on olive-tree-farmers
or shooting at school-children. ....
if not driving a Bulldozer above peace-activists.

If that center reopens again , maybe Dr. Rice ,herself,
would remain in it to confess and to wach-away all her sins.....
and I am sure she has a lot of washing to do.......
and such a center is already used in dealing with war-crimiminals.

Raja Chemayel
a rehabilitation- helper... if helping helps !!

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