Friday, February 22, 2008

Wait untill Gravity does it job

Cartoon by Marilyse Devoyault
"The suicide of a Nation"
(asking for forgiveness !)

Do not criticise Israel
otherwise you will be labelled as being an Anti-Semite.
( and can never become as US president)

Do not criticise Western-decadence
otherwise you will be labelled as Muslim-fundamentalist.

Do not praise Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez
otherwise you will be labelled as revolutionary.

Do not call George Bush as a dictator and a liar
you will be labelled as a Terrorist

Do not criticise the Guantanamo bay hostage's resort
otherwise you will counted as member of Al Qua'eeda .

Do not support the freedom fighters of Iraq
otherwise you will labelled "Baathist"
(as if Baathist were to be , a bad thing ! )

Just shut up....... and watch Larry King on TV
or shut up ........
and watch Hillary complaining about Mac.Cain.
(as if she is much better !)

Shut up , and stay at home ......
just.....wait until gravity shall bring them all down,
and preferably not on our heads......this time.

Sherlock Hommos
a revolutionary- fundamentalist- Semite
but not necessarily Terrorist nor a Quaeedatist

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Star of David and the Silent-Jews

If I were a Jew ,
I would forbid to the Zionist to use the Star of David
and would also forbid to Israel to use it on its flag.
The Star of David was for David,
and not for a bunch of criminals who are in the business
of stealing someone else's Lands...
And what does David and his star, have to do with ,
an artificial-state build on stolen-land
and filled with imported-impostors ???

Please give back the Star of David , to David...... and to Judaism
and also give back Palestine to the Palestinians !!

I am an Arab-Christian ,
born 1000 years after the Crusaders have left
my Palestine and my Lebanon and my Syria
but if I were present, there and then,
I would have asked the Crusaders
to take off the Cross from their flags and emblems....
because that Cross belongs to Christianity
and not to those hungry-European- robbers.
If I lived when the Crusaders were robbing us I would have
fought against them , like many of the Arab-Christians
have done along side with their Arab-Muslim- brothers .

If I were an Honest-Jew,
like surely , there must be a lot of them , but silent....
I would ask to the Zionists to stay home
and give back this Star of David to their local Rabi......
and I would ask the Israelis to go back home
and give back the Star of David or to hang it back in the Synagogues ,in Kiev
and to give back the Land of the Palestinians to the Palestinians.

Theft is a sin......... .according to all the religions.
Theft is a sin......... .but ,apparently, not for the Zionists.
But Zionism is not a religion
nor does it have anything to do.........with any religion !

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to cure a Rapist ?

If you were a a Psychiatrist,
and you ought to treat a case of a serial-rapist.
What you be the first step to do ??

I think that you will agree that the first step
would be to see that this patient stops raping
any new or old victim....
then and only then you ought to apply a therapy
curing him from that awful disease.
Nevertheless, the first step would be
to prevent any more victims !!

Very good !!

Now let us assume that we want to bring Peace
between Palestine and Israel......

what would be the first logic step ??? to achieving that Peace.
Would it not be to stop the new-Settlements ??
and then to agree on any second and any third step
and so forth......? ?

One question.... .
did Israel ever stop those new-Settlements
since 1948 or 1967........ ......... ........until today ??

The case of the Peace with Israel , is like this rapist-patient
who is allowed to continue his raping while the doctors
would decide on which therapy they would apply
and then to hope that this therapy would ever work.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Grand-Child of Dr.Sigmund Freud