Friday, February 22, 2008

Wait untill Gravity does it job

Cartoon by Marilyse Devoyault
"The suicide of a Nation"
(asking for forgiveness !)

Do not criticise Israel
otherwise you will be labelled as being an Anti-Semite.
( and can never become as US president)

Do not criticise Western-decadence
otherwise you will be labelled as Muslim-fundamentalist.

Do not praise Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez
otherwise you will be labelled as revolutionary.

Do not call George Bush as a dictator and a liar
you will be labelled as a Terrorist

Do not criticise the Guantanamo bay hostage's resort
otherwise you will counted as member of Al Qua'eeda .

Do not support the freedom fighters of Iraq
otherwise you will labelled "Baathist"
(as if Baathist were to be , a bad thing ! )

Just shut up....... and watch Larry King on TV
or shut up ........
and watch Hillary complaining about Mac.Cain.
(as if she is much better !)

Shut up , and stay at home ......
just.....wait until gravity shall bring them all down,
and preferably not on our heads......this time.

Sherlock Hommos
a revolutionary- fundamentalist- Semite
but not necessarily Terrorist nor a Quaeedatist

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