Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to cure a Rapist ?

If you were a a Psychiatrist,
and you ought to treat a case of a serial-rapist.
What you be the first step to do ??

I think that you will agree that the first step
would be to see that this patient stops raping
any new or old victim....
then and only then you ought to apply a therapy
curing him from that awful disease.
Nevertheless, the first step would be
to prevent any more victims !!

Very good !!

Now let us assume that we want to bring Peace
between Palestine and Israel......

what would be the first logic step ??? to achieving that Peace.
Would it not be to stop the new-Settlements ??
and then to agree on any second and any third step
and so forth......? ?

One question.... .
did Israel ever stop those new-Settlements
since 1948 or 1967........ ......... ........until today ??

The case of the Peace with Israel , is like this rapist-patient
who is allowed to continue his raping while the doctors
would decide on which therapy they would apply
and then to hope that this therapy would ever work.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Grand-Child of Dr.Sigmund Freud

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