Friday, June 24, 2011

Who was the first-Jew.....and who shall be the last Israeli ??
King Salomon ,
needed the gentile-Phoenicians to build
"his Jewish-Temple".

If and when a Jew is only a Jew ,
 "unless, his own mother were a Jew"
Abraham and Sarah could not be Jews
because their mothers were Chaldean
could be even King Salomon be Jew
his mother was a Phoenician princess.

So when  (even ) Abraham and Sarah 
were not Jews,
how did we get the first-Jew ???

when shall we finally see
the last Israeli    ???

رجا  شميل
Raja Chemayel
not the first Arab,,,,,,,,,,,,,nor the last
not the first Christian .....nor the last

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What about the King of Jordan!/image/4182583552.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_295/4182583552.jpg
 completely different neighbours
and not even having the same ennemy..

Why criticising only Syria ??
why blaming only  Syria  ??
why destabilising Syria ??

Look just at next door !!!,
The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan

The King´s grand-father , was a British General
who fooled us , just like all British-generals did before.......... and still do.

The king´s other grand father , was a non-Jordanian (a Hijazee)
who was made as  "King" 
by the same British who made "Israel"
and has  made South-Africa too

The King´s father
was publicly and officially known as an Arab-Traitor
and more frequentlly as an imperialist-stooge
and occasionaly a Peace-lover. .

The King´s army ,
in 1967 "allowed" the Israelis to take over  the West-Bank and Jerusalem
and in 1973 , not even one shot was heard from its side .

This " Kingdom of Jordan"  never existed until the British invented it.
I do not recall any time in Hystory when such an entity ever existed,

The Population of Jordan
is in majority made (65%) of Palestinian-refugees
while the original indigenous were Syrians
who today are considered as Jordanians

Democracy nor Human-rights-record
are not considered better nor worse than any of other neighbours.

No Arab-history-book speaks of any " Jordan "
only the Zionist´s-planning-mannuals  considers it
as a "dumping-place" for the Palestinians.

Why does Democracy want now "to bless"  Syria
and it spares it "blessings"  from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan  ??

Is it  not because , the King of Jordan goes to bed with the West ???
(on his belly)
and the President of Syria stands-up ,  when he talks to the West ?? !!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The so called " Medical Treatments"

all of them,
ended up in a Hospital

How come each time a despot/dictator/tyrants
is finally ousted by his people ,
he has to get some medical-treatment.

To my memory it started by the Shah of Persia
if not much earlier.....
and last ones are : Mubarak and BenAli

Anyhow ,
 I worry not for President El Assad
because he is a doctor.... anyhow
and he needs no " treatments "

The people demanding democracy in Syria
must themselves , first of all,  be democratic .

Raja Chemayel
I have problems with my prostate
probably because I protest so often.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Maximum 36 fighters
4 rebels ??
9 rebels  ??
17 rebels ??

We all watch our TV-news and  all the TV-documentaries.

Just like you ,
I watched practically each day the news about Libya.

What was on daily bases and also much obvious
were the uprising-forces-people against Colonel Qaddafi.

And I mean here the armed-uprising

and not the normal popular demonstrations.

Did you notice that in each filmed scenes of those fighting
against Colonel Qaddafi´s forces or against Qaddafi-areas ,
we see not more than 30 to (maximum) 35 fighters  ??......only.

I am not against any popular-uprising
anywhere anytime........
because the will of the people is as  holy as my own Bible is !!

But , remains the fact that :
I have never seen more than 35-armed-fighters
(in any scene or any pictures)
in any of those reported and filmed News-reports !!!

All this remains as an enigma for me......

Sherlock Hommos
sceptical TV-viewer