Saturday, December 15, 2007

From Masada to Gaza

In the past we have had Masada
and the question is :
are the same people calling themselves today "Israelis"
those same who resided inside Masada ??

I leave the answer to you ,
I have made my conclusion, long time ago......... .

What I want to compare, to identify and to confirm
is that the People, today, inside the besieged Gaza
are doing exactly what the Masada-people have done,namely,
to resist to the invader-occupier and to strive to liberate
their own homeland.... ..

And the Irony is that the Gazzeans are genetically
related to the Masada's people,
although they have a new religion , now.
While an Israeli of today might share partly the blood
of any Roman soldier..... or even a Norwegian Viking.

From Masada to Gaza ,
history keeps on repeating itself,
and with the same actors , too.Indigenous-Semites on the inside
and fascist-barbarians on the outside.

It was a war of liberation , then
It is a war of liberation !! now.

Raja Chemayela
christian Semite from the inside...
15Th of December 2007
(my brother's Khalil Birthday)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The case of the closed-case

The Case of

If you were an atheist
you would say to me, "God does not exist"
and if God never existed ,
then God would not have promised to Abraham anything.

Whether God would have promised the Land of Canaan(Palestine)
or actually promised only the Coming of the Messiah..... ....
in those both cases , there would not be a Promise
because there were no God, according to the Atheists.

Therefore there was no promised Land of Canaan
nor there should consequently be any State of Israel,
today neither.

That is easy ,
and this case is closed .

On the other hand, if you are a believer,
whether a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew ,
I still would have three questions for you :

First :
Did God Promise a Piece of Land ??
or did God promise the Coming of the Messiah ??
Either , or !! Define and identify please that Promise.

Second :
When we know that once upon a time there was a Jewish-Kingdom
on some part of the Land of Palestine and it was only temporarily , of course!
and we equally know and believe that the Messiah did come
so therefore the Promise was once fulfilled ,
whether this Promise were the Land or the did happen !!
Unless it were an endless,continuous and a renewable promise
this promise was already..... .....consumed.
(unless the Messiah should have to come eight times)

Third :
The so called "chosen" people were an Iraqi-Chaldean- Tribe
from the city of Ur.......anyone else is an impostor
or it is today, a case of mistaken identity .

If you are an Atheist you should not believe in
nor support the State of Israel
if you are a believer you should decide first who
or what was promised ? the Land or the Messiah ??
if it were the Land , then it has been given once already to Abraham
and if it were the Messiah , well .....he did come 2000 years ago !!

Again .....Case closed !!!

If you were an Atheist or a Believer,note please that
the State of Israel has nothing to do with any religion,
not even the Judaism.

Raja Chemayel
not at all......... . the Devil's Lawyer

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Qaddafi and me

Colonel Qaddafi said that:
Terrorism is the power of the poor
I say :
Terrorism is the power of the powerless
Give, later, money and power to the Terrorists
and then they become "respectable" Governments
like Ben Gorion , Menahim Begin, Yithak Shamir
Yithak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.
not to forget
Mr. Ehud Olmert
(who personally has bombed some Synagogues in Baghdad in 1951)

Therefore ,
"Terrorist" is only a temporary adjective
and besides that
one man's terrorist is another man's hero
one man's hero was once another man's terrorist
one man's Israeli Prime Minister
is another man's terrorizer.

Anyhow ,
not every hero was once a terrorist
nor is each terrorist a future hero !!
Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do ? when you do not want to do ??

What to do ?

when you do not want to do ??

Start late ,
and never finish the Job !

For example if you do not want to visit your mother-in-law in Miami
start packing your luggage late , get the taxi late to Airport,
stand in the wrong line for the check-in at counter
and then your plane would leave without Miami.

The same did Bill Clinton with Yasser Arafat
Bill left all the problems of a Peace-agreement
to the last days of his Presidency
when there was not enough time to mediate
and to play the role of an honest and efficient broker....
and you know the results....

Monica Lewinsky got more satisfaction from Bill
than Yasser ever did.

Today we face the same scenario:
five minutes before twelve , Mahmoud Abbas
naive and opportunist shall hope to collect any thing
from any one and at any Price......
when , Ehud Olmert cannot loose any thing to any one
so Olmert will just loose the time......until George Bush leaves.

And Bush has not much time , anyhow,
so George Bush shall not even loose the time....
because he has not any....time left.

There you have it folks !!

Next time you want things not to happen,
just do not give them the time needed......

Sherlock Hommos
time-keeper for endless negotiations

Sunday, December 9, 2007

" Do not onto the others......"

The Bible says,
the logic says ,
and Justice also says :

"Do not do onto the others
what you do not want them to do, to you."

Whoever has once wiped off Palestine from the Map
should expect to be also wiped off ,
from that same Map.

Therefore Mr. Ahmadinejad, Hamas and myself
are not wrong by requesting this logic Justice.

More over , or alternatively ,
let us accept and implement all the UN-Resolutions
and chronologicaly too .

Raja Chemayel
nineth day of December 2007

This world is in Good-hands

Afghanistan was invaded
because 9 Saudis-citizens and 2 Yemenis
and one Lebanese
have (allegedly) done the 911 attacks
and non was afghanee.

Iraq was invaded
because Saddam Hussein should, allegedly,have had
the Weapons of Mass Destruction,
which he never had .

Iran will be invaded
because 4 years ago, it stopped developing Nuclear power
which many others do anyhow have.

Lebanon might also be invaded
because France calls the Syrians in Lebanon:
" foreign-interference".

Otherwise , the world is perfectly in good-hands !!

Venezuela ,
is lead by an alleged "dictator",
who has held recently a free election
and has lost it , even.

The USA ,
being allegedly the greatest democracy on earth
is holding presidential election ,which,
without the huge money contributions
no candidate could survive .

being the only democracy in the Middle East
is negotiating with its 60 years-old-non-stop-victims.

Otherwise , this world is in good-hands.

Sherlock Hommos
eighth day of December 2007