Saturday, December 15, 2007

From Masada to Gaza

In the past we have had Masada
and the question is :
are the same people calling themselves today "Israelis"
those same who resided inside Masada ??

I leave the answer to you ,
I have made my conclusion, long time ago......... .

What I want to compare, to identify and to confirm
is that the People, today, inside the besieged Gaza
are doing exactly what the Masada-people have done,namely,
to resist to the invader-occupier and to strive to liberate
their own homeland.... ..

And the Irony is that the Gazzeans are genetically
related to the Masada's people,
although they have a new religion , now.
While an Israeli of today might share partly the blood
of any Roman soldier..... or even a Norwegian Viking.

From Masada to Gaza ,
history keeps on repeating itself,
and with the same actors , too.Indigenous-Semites on the inside
and fascist-barbarians on the outside.

It was a war of liberation , then
It is a war of liberation !! now.

Raja Chemayela
christian Semite from the inside...
15Th of December 2007
(my brother's Khalil Birthday)

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