Sunday, December 16, 2007

A good neighbour is better than any far away friend

Half of the Lebanese do not agree with their other half.

Half of them call the others: " Syrian-agents "
and the second half calls the first :" American-dogs"

One sides calls the other: "French-Puppies"
while the other half uses the accusation of :" Iranian-Puppets"

Remains the unanswered-question :
who or what is worse ??
an Iranian in Baalbeck ??
a French-man in Jounieh ??

When did Condi Rice ever do anything useful to the Lebanon ??
While her Syrian counterpart Mr. Muallem belongs to a Family
which half of it are Lebanese.(and Christians)

Who is the foreign intruder here ??
Who wants to protect and defend the Lebanon ?
Who stood by the Lebanon when Israel was
bombing Beirut in Summer 2006 ??
Bernard Koushner ?? or Condolisa Rice ???

And who armed the Lebanese-resistance-forces ??
George Sarkozy or Nicolas Bush , perhaps ??

Which Lebanese half is not blind nor opportunist ?
Which other Lebanese half would like to import
a ready-made-democrac y ?
instead of cooking it at home with homegrown ingredients. ....??

Who is trying to divert the attentions from
a born-dead-baby called: " Annapolis " ?
Who is removing away the spotlights from
that alleged Atomic Bomb
which never existed in Iran ??
Who bombed Syria to destroy South-Korean- Fairy-tales ??
Who brought devastation and diaspora to the Christians of Iraq ??
and has completely forgotten that even the Christians of Lebanon
are also divided..... ......50/ 50 ??

A good-neighbour is better than
any far-away-(false)friend !!
(especially when this friend is the USA)

Raja Chemayel
50% Lebanese and 50% normal.
16Th of December 2007

How kosher is Khoushner ??
How nice is Rice ??

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