Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why to cross over the Red Sea ???
Left ,   is Egypt
and up-right , is Palestine
while down-left ,
 is Saudi Arabia !!

If you are in Egypt,
wanting to go to Palestine,
on foot or riding on a Camel, like Moses did ,
which way ?? you need to go ???

Look at any Map !!!
and tell me if it were, at all , necessary
to cross over the Red-Sea  ???
if and when your final destination is Jerusalem
or Jericho, or Hebron , or Samaria, or Gaza.

Unless if  you were going to Hijaz ( today´s West-Saudi Arabia )
which  is much more lucrative , thanks to the Petrol !!

If we assume that Moses has, indeed, "crossed the Red-Sea"
then his final destination , or his  own "Promised-Land"
would have been , today´s , Saudi Arabia !!

Therefore ,
all the Jews from Russia,Ukraine,Poland,Ethiopia,
Lithuania, Latvia,Perou, Roumania,Holland,Germany and Norway
must relocate into Saudi Arabia......
just like Moses must have probably done !!!
If , Moses did , indeed ,"cross the Red-Sea !!"

There are two possibilities:
Either,  Moses did not cross the Red-Sea
Charleston Heston did it , but with a film-crew  !!!.

Sherlock Hommos
and not a historian of cinematography

Friday, April 29, 2011

When the Libyan war has started....................

When the Libyan war has started
the son of Qaddafi promised us
a civil war........

When the Libyan war has started
the USA and the NATO promised us
democracy .........

So far , the Qaddafi-clan was fully  right  !!

As for NATO and the USA
they might ,theoretically, bring democracy to Libya
but first let us see if any results did come
in Bosnia, in Iraq ...................and in Afghanistan !!

So far only Qaddafi could  hold a promise !!
and so far , never did the NATO suceed anywhere !!! anything .

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still no proof !!!
any archaeologist will tell you
 that this is a Roman-wall

and not Hebraic nor Jewish nor Israeli
not even Canaanite nor Phoenician !!

"is the science of what we firmly  discover 
and not the science of what we were told (or wished) that it happened."

This is a phrase said to me by my professor of Archaeology
42 years ago , Emir Maurice Chehab
may God bless his memory !!!!

42 years later I have not seen any proof
that Abraham came from Iraq nor that he lived in Palestine.
also 42 years later I have not seen any physical-proof
that Jews left Egypt to go to Palestine to run away from the Pharaoh
when Palestine was also , and at the same time ,
anyhow ruled by that same Pharaoh.

I have been waiting for 42 years
while history has been waiting 4000 years !!!

still no proof !!!

Raja Chemayel

in memory of the late Emir Maurice Chehab

My Bible and the Holy Koran
do mention Abraham and Moses
therefore I consider both prophets as " Missing-persons "
temporally until phisical-evidence will become availiable.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal-wedding in London , the Arab-Leaders , the Lebanese-President and my wife
President Michel Sleiman
The only-democratically-elected Arab-Leader
and the only one with an opposition, still  alive.

The Royal Wedding in London
shall have some empty seats at the ceremony
because some Arab Leaders are no more available
and the others are afraid to loose their seats,
if they would come to London.

As a matter of fact , only the Lebanese President
can come and then go back safely and undisturbed.

What makes the Lebanese President so special ??
would be,  the right question to ask , now.

He is the only President (Leader or monarch)
who has functioning opposition in his country !!!

Therefore , we can conclude that :
 the secret of Happy Marriages
(or for that matter , secret of good-governances)
is to allow any oppositions , at home.......

Tell my wife !!

Sherlock Hommos
looking for my Tahrir-Square...... at home

President Obama has no opposition ,at home,
still it is called " democracy "
but he is not invited, anyhow.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming soon to a theater..... near you !!!
Liberation of Libya
based on a Novel
by Rolf Blitzer
( Gone with the Oil )

S t a r r i n g:
A well-paid nurse

A raped-student
A Colonel and his Sons

And the

original-scrip by :
the CIA

Produced by :
The Pentagon 

Directed by :
Hilarious Clinton
The State Department 

executive producers
and casting :

2 Oscar´s  nomination for :
best farce,   
best make-up
music by
Ennio Berlusconi
Original theme-song by:
  Carla Bruni

parental guidance recommended

Sponcered by :