Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save Judaism !!!
The religion of the masters
will be the fate of their slaves......

When a king or leader or president, is evil
his own religion will follow his behaviours.

When he is ,for example, a dictator
his religion shall dictate the fate of his people

When he is humane and righteous
his religion shall become popular and a blessing,
regardless of its nature.

How many rulers ,presidents, monarchs and tyrants
have used and abused their own religions.....???

A bad-ruler with a right religion ,
is wrong.....
a good-ruler with a bad-religion ,
is ,also, wrong....

History is full of examples:
how many have enslaved, robbed,burned,killed,raped
in the name of their religion ????
or in spite of their religions !!!.

But ,to separate any power from its own faith, 
remains an Utopia.

Therefore I wish ,and I beg,
to save Judaism from the hands of the Zionists....!!

(Save even humanity from Zionism !!)

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The "Terrorist" that forgot his match-box
Show-time !!!
, New-York.

The New York Times-square bomber
has prepared a very simple-amateur- home-made- bomb
made with normal consumer´s items
he could not find his lighter, nor the matches
to set it on ...

Luckily,  he is arrested now
and the district-attorney of New York
shall,  probably, lend him his own lighter.

Those CCTV cameras are extremely useful
when fixed on a most crowded-square. ..

Sherlock Hommos
Crowd-control- agent

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To bomb or not to bomb !!

Three Palestinian-workers
building at the Israeli-settlements...

Do not drop any atomic bomb
anywhere in Israel !!
Because ,you will practically
kill more Arabs than Israelis !!

Look it up , in any demographic-map
and , please,  find another solution !!

Not even a dirty-Bomb will do ,
nor any chemical-Bomb

Even a home-made-simple-bomb
on a local bus
would kill as much Arabs
as ......Chosen-thieves  !!

No sir  !!,
if you do insist
and you have no other method
nor any other tool
try the settlements in the West-Bank.

but wait first until,
those building-workers
the gardeners , the housemaids,
the plumbers , the electricians
 and the street-sweepers
all go back home ,first.
(if those Palestinians still have ,  one home ).
Sherlock Hommos
hoping for the demographic-bomb

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Terroist called , a pianist
The evil-player of the macabre-sonatas.

A Pianist ,  plays the Piano
A Violinist,  caresses the Viole
A Rapist ,  rapes.....
a Terrorist does Terror.

You may terrorise,anyone and anywhere,
with a dynamite-belt around your waist
with a "B52" Bomber
carrying 132 tons of  bombs.

You may terrorise in the name
of national-liberation
when the others,
may terrorise in the name
of "Democratisation".

A pianist plays the piano
a terrorist can also play that same piano ,
when and if ........ he survives.

Raja Chemayel
I have more valid-reasons not to play that piano.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hold on !!        they are coming....

The Western Governments are complaining
that Syria and Iran might have already supplied
some SCUD Rockets to Hezbollah.

We do not know for sure if this were correct
And if ever it were correct ,
I shall kiss their hands !!

What worries me ,
is that those same Governments
have told us , once , that President Saddam Hussein
has had Weapons of Mass Destruction.....
do you not remember ??

And after what has happened to Iraq ,
I do wish that there were indeed those, 
Weapons of Mass Destruction,
after all !!

Therefore ,
I wish and hope that, this time,
the Western-Governments are not lying.

Sherlock Hommos