Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save Judaism !!!
The religion of the masters
will be the fate of their slaves......

When a king or leader or president, is evil
his own religion will follow his behaviours.

When he is ,for example, a dictator
his religion shall dictate the fate of his people

When he is humane and righteous
his religion shall become popular and a blessing,
regardless of its nature.

How many rulers ,presidents, monarchs and tyrants
have used and abused their own religions.....???

A bad-ruler with a right religion ,
is wrong.....
a good-ruler with a bad-religion ,
is ,also, wrong....

History is full of examples:
how many have enslaved, robbed,burned,killed,raped
in the name of their religion ????
or in spite of their religions !!!.

But ,to separate any power from its own faith, 
remains an Utopia.

Therefore I wish ,and I beg,
to save Judaism from the hands of the Zionists....!!

(Save even humanity from Zionism !!)

Raja Chemayel

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