Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To bomb or not to bomb !!


Three Palestinian-workers
building at the Israeli-settlements...

Do not drop any atomic bomb
anywhere in Israel !!
Because ,you will practically
kill more Arabs than Israelis !!

Look it up , in any demographic-map
and , please,  find another solution !!

Not even a dirty-Bomb will do ,
nor any chemical-Bomb

Even a home-made-simple-bomb
on a local bus
would kill as much Arabs
as ......Chosen-thieves  !!

No sir  !!,
if you do insist
and you have no other method
nor any other tool
try the settlements in the West-Bank.

but wait first until,
those building-workers
the gardeners , the housemaids,
the plumbers , the electricians
 and the street-sweepers
all go back home ,first.
(if those Palestinians still have ,  one home ).
Sherlock Hommos
hoping for the demographic-bomb

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