Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thre could be only one President at the same time !!

do you see any difference ???

Recently I wrote a short note
asking whether "it could get worse" ?? in Gaza.

As a matter of fact , it could get worse !!
Because Obama often said :
"there could only be one US President at the same time"

Can you imagine the World ,
and indeed Gazza too ,
with two US Presidents ???

it would be like the Warsaw-Ghetto but then ,with two Adolfs !!!
it will be like Massada but with two Roman armies !!
it will be like a marriage but with two mother-in-law !!
it will be like the Titanic but with two Ice-bergs !!
it will be like Adam and Eve but with two snakes !!

Raja Chemayel

There will be Peace

President Mubarak caught a French-Pick-Pocket

Tourists are back in Gaza

In the light of the on going war on Gaza
there is a slight possibility thatthere will be peace.....soon

Indeed ,President Sarcozy and President Mubarak
are on the verge to reaching a Peace-agreement
whereby France shall no more re-invade the Suez-canal
and Egypt shall support Napoleon in his wars against
the Ottoman-Empire .

All this is hapening outside the UN Security Council
but inside the Mubarak's Pyramid in Sharm el Sheikh
far away from the........ "people"

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Friday, January 9, 2009

Can you make an omelet without eggs ???

by Ben Heine

The UN Security Council

has passed ,today, a resolution

for a cease-fire ,

which includesthe total halt to weapons-smuggling

in those tunnels under Rafah.

Funny !!

if the weapons would stop reaching Hamas

how can we expect any liberation-war ???

(can you make an omelet without the eggs ??)

Strange !!

why did the same UN Security Council not ask

Israel to stop importing weapons ,

or manufacturing weapons ??

Could it be that the UN Security Council

is an impotent , meaningless , bias debating-club ??

Sherlock Hommos , UNHI

UN-Hypocrisy- investigator

Dear Venezuelans !!!

Father and Son
Dear Venezuelans !!
Would you please send us one (left) old shoe of President Chavez
and we shall send you as an exchange ,
President Husny Mubarak, himself .
You may use him , as you wish ,
he is multi-functional
and has many faces, too.
He can also become the gardener for the US Embassy
to pick up the shit of the US-Ambassador' s dog.
He has plenty of experience , in that field.
As a matter of fact , he does nothing else ,
in his normal daily life
Thank you , and please remember to disinfect
the Israeli-embassy , now that it is empty.
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How worse can it get ???

The Czech-Prince and the Ugly-Frog
How could it get worse ??
Gazzeans are exiled since 1948
in 1956 they got occupied
so they became exiled and occupied
until 2005 when they became
exiled , but imprisoned and starved.
Since 20 days they are ,
exiled,imprisoned, starved,bombed
invaded and massacred... ..
Then comes Mahmoud Abbas
who denied them their democratic rights
and now jumps to New York
pretending to represent them....
Then comes a Hungarian-Jew
being now a pro-Zionist- French-President
trying to negotiate a peace
not with Hamas nor with Israel , but
with an Egyptian-castrated- president
which Hamas refused him as mediator.
And the EU Foreign Minister (a Czech Prince)
representing the whole of Europe
while the French-President- Hungarian- Jew
and his Jewish-French- foreign-minister
have stolen the show away from him.... .
Last and not least , there is Tony Blair
with a quartet who never played any tune
nor played any concrete role , nor even rehearsed.
Tony Blair is the worse of worse , where even
the UK-Labour Party does not want him back.
How worse could it get ??
All went to the UN Security Council to hear
with their own ears , that the USA shall veto
anything against (or even blaming ) Israel .

It is like saving the life of a Lamb ,only to deliver it , to the butcher...
And to top it all....Mr. Amr Moussa of the Arab League went
also to New York , to profit of the Winter-Sales
at the 5Th. Avenue shops.

Palestinian blood became so cheap
and Humanity is left in the hands of barbarians,
hypocrites and impotents .
Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And who said that......

the terrorists and the colonialists
And who said that a Free-Press
would not also lie ???
And who said thata Democratic Regime
would not also kill ??
And who said thatWestern-Democracy
would not also rob another country ??
And who said thatHamas
is a terrorist-organisation ??

Israel boms a error

The Israeli-army bombs a school in Gaza
40 dead and 200 wounded !
Are you surprised ??
Is it the first time , ever ??
what else does, such an army ??
did you ever except anything better ??
or anything else from Israel.
I know a place in Qana (Lebanon)
where it was bombed twice
and in both times , it was called " an error "
Should you ask me ,
I would say :
that the establishment of Israel was an "error "
and ,more precisely,it was a crime !!
this is the link where the Israeli spokesman
calls it self defence (against a school !! )
partly he says "the investigation is not over"
and partly , he accuses the school
of harbouring Hamas-fighters

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Which country.....?

The Israeli spokespersons are repeating
this sentence which is also repeated automatically
by a dozen of European political parrots :
" which country in the world would accept being
bombarded by missiles like we were,
and would not also respond...?"

May I ask those all so clever-brains:
" Which country in the world is occupying another country .......???? "
" Which country in the world is occupyinganother country ,
for 60 years....??
"Which country in the world is occupying another country
for sixty years , and is starving itfor the last 26 months ....??
"Which country in the world is occupying another country
for sixty years , and is starving it , for the last 26 months ....??
and would be, today ,complaining for being attacked !

"I see Great-Britain occupying Gibraltar but not starving it,

therefore the Gibraltariansare not complaining ........
nor shooting any rockets.

Thus , Israel is worse than Great-Britain
therefore, the Gibraltarians are more peaceful
than the Gazzeans ......

So may I suggest that all the Israelis move to Gibraltar ?

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, January 5, 2009

An Israeli-civilian....??

The spokeswoman of Israeli Ministry of defence
was explaining to the BBC,
why some civilians in Gaza are being targeted ??
she said :
"when those civilians are stoking in their home-cellars
rockets and missiles for Hamas, we cannot consider them
as being civilians anymore ......I am also a civilian and I do not
have missiles and rockets hiding in home -cellar......" .

I saw this lady on the TV ,
(and not being myself a blind person) ,
I saw her wearing a military-uniform ( of a Major)
while officially representing a ministry of defence.
And to be more precise , a ministry of defence
of an aggressing-country that did not do anything else
than aggression and occupation the last 60 years.

This lady claims now to be now "a civilian ",
and that , therefore ,
"she has no missiles in her cellar at home"
(because , most probably she has those missiles in her office).

The Conclusion :
an Israeli, wearing his or her military uniform
while being interviewed by TV cameras (and not by a radio)
and claiming that she or he is a civilian,

must be believed...! !!.

(Indeed , in that case , such a clown does really represent Israel !!)

Sherlock Hommos

NB :

this Lady Major was on BBC-World TV News

on 03. Jan 2008 interviewed by Luise Ducetat at 20.00 hrs.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why Gazza and why now ??

the devil and the devil's advocate

Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gazza the problem , today nor ever.

Gazza is simply today's Chosen-Victim
because they are all Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism

On a bicycle, you could cross Gazza
from South to North ,in 3 hours,only
and from East to the sea (west) in 25 minutes.

In a Helicopter ,
once you rise up to 150 meters
you can see the other end of Gazza.

Gazza is the biggest-starved- prison
in the World
and thus it could never be a threat to anyone.
Except , being a threat to the human-consciences.

Israel is not re-invading Gazza
''for its own safety''
but rather , it does it again
just to delay any future-Peace- settlement
for another decade.
Or even just to delay
any future-peace- negotiations
for another decade.

Israel is only buying for itself time,
in the absence any future prospects.
the state of Israel has burned out !!

and Gazza pays now the price .

Raja Chemayel