Thursday, January 8, 2009

How worse can it get ???

The Czech-Prince and the Ugly-Frog
How could it get worse ??
Gazzeans are exiled since 1948
in 1956 they got occupied
so they became exiled and occupied
until 2005 when they became
exiled , but imprisoned and starved.
Since 20 days they are ,
exiled,imprisoned, starved,bombed
invaded and massacred... ..
Then comes Mahmoud Abbas
who denied them their democratic rights
and now jumps to New York
pretending to represent them....
Then comes a Hungarian-Jew
being now a pro-Zionist- French-President
trying to negotiate a peace
not with Hamas nor with Israel , but
with an Egyptian-castrated- president
which Hamas refused him as mediator.
And the EU Foreign Minister (a Czech Prince)
representing the whole of Europe
while the French-President- Hungarian- Jew
and his Jewish-French- foreign-minister
have stolen the show away from him.... .
Last and not least , there is Tony Blair
with a quartet who never played any tune
nor played any concrete role , nor even rehearsed.
Tony Blair is the worse of worse , where even
the UK-Labour Party does not want him back.
How worse could it get ??
All went to the UN Security Council to hear
with their own ears , that the USA shall veto
anything against (or even blaming ) Israel .

It is like saving the life of a Lamb ,only to deliver it , to the butcher...
And to top it all....Mr. Amr Moussa of the Arab League went
also to New York , to profit of the Winter-Sales
at the 5Th. Avenue shops.

Palestinian blood became so cheap
and Humanity is left in the hands of barbarians,
hypocrites and impotents .
Raja Chemayel

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